Ballon Bleu or Cle

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  1. I have the BB but small now drooling over the Cle.. just sold my tank francaise
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  3. I prefer the Cle on you. It looks very nice.
  4. Hi everyone, was looking to get a steel Cartier watch and super confused between the Ballon 42mm and the Cle 40mm. I’ve inserted pics of both watches on my wrist separately and side by side. Would love for your opinion!
    9E770F9F-5B55-41AB-A8FE-6F3E533DF349.jpeg 670789C7-591C-473B-857A-BD6DD2249416.jpeg 5FFADF58-C28F-4CB0-9617-2126F98E802E.jpeg
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  5. They both look great and can’t go wrong with either. I have worn a BB everyday for last 7 years but currently lusting after a Cle. Good luck deciding.
  6. I agree, you can't go wrong with either watch. I find the Cle very comfortable on my wrist, I use it a lot. Good luck!
  7. Do you feel like the BB was a style of the past and sort of on it’s way out while the Cle is more in style now?
  8. Even though I have, and LOVE, the BB myself (mine is the 33), I prefer the slightly smaller size of the Cle on you. Both are gorgeous watches and both look lovely on you, so you can't go wrong with either really!
    Best of luck deciding!
  9. Not at all. I still adore my BB and plan on wearing it for many years to come. Mine is steel and diamonds. I want to add the Cle in gold and diamonds just for a little variety and in a slightly smaller size to be a little dressier. I could see using both for many, many years and then passing them down.