Ballon Bleu or Cle

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  1. I agree. To me it is very new. I've had very cheap watches that work fine for years and years.

    I'll never buy another automatic. It is too much trouble to always wind it if you don't wear it very day. Quartz is fine with me going forward. :smile:
  2. My wrist size measures 16.5 centimeters and I bought the 36 mm just because I already have the tank francaise which I consider more classic for evening. I have however seen a trend of larger watches worn also in the evening.
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  3. Yes i agree with you about ''winding'' :sleepy::doh::doh::doh:
  4. I have a 33 and a 36 BB. I prefer the 36. It's such a sleek design it is still very elegant in the larger size.
  5. To follow up on an earlier post upthread, I'm still waiting for my watch. I called Wempe yesterday and the repair department told me it is with Cartier in Texas and they are still waiting for it. Its been about 5 weeks now. I wonder if this is typical. As I mentioned earlier, I've owned several Cartiers and have never needed a repair. I'm a bit annoyed about the long time for repair. I wonder if all reputable Cartier authorized dealers need to send watch to Cartier for repair.
  6. It all depends if the dealer has the right trained watchmakers in house. At my previous employer they have two watchmakers and both are trained by Cartier and can do a service within a week.
  7. Thanks for the info. Wempe is a huge store and they told me that they are required to send it to Cartier.

    In any event, the watch come back on Monday, but guess where the store is? Right across from Trump Tower, where traffic is now a nightmare. I'll wait until the weekend to pick it up. :smile:
  8. I would only buy 36 or above. But that's because I don't like small watches. I would love a ballon bleu in yellow gold, though rose gold would be more subtle for an everyday piece. 31 and 33 sizes are too small as a preference. It would probably look ok. I don't care for classic, I just like to buy what I like.
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  9. Anyone out there have a Cle? I'm trying to decide between the two? I feel like the Cle's bracelet is more comfortable. Anyone out there with a Ballon Bleu to comment on the bracelet?
    Thanks in advance!
  10. I have a Ballon Bleu, 36. I find it very comfortable. I wear it loose. In what way is the Cle more comfortable?
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  11. Thank you so much for the reply! The shape of the Cle curves more to the wrist, but I love the look of the Ballon Bleu. Does anyone have a Ballon Bleu that they switch between the bracelet and a leather strap?
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  12. OH, I didn't know about the curve. I never bought a leather strap; I like the metal.
  13. Which do you like more?
  14. Even though I own the Ballon Bleu, I am liking the Cle on you. Don't know why. It's a beautiful design.
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