Ballon Bleu or Cle

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  1. I have the Ballon Bleu and while I always thought I'd switch out the bracelet for the leather, the watch is so comfortable and elegant with the bracelet that I've just kept it as is for almost two years now. I'm a violinist, so anything clanking around would really bother me, but my BB is silent and perfect. I do wear it slightly loose, and mine is Quartz as well. IMG_1484660793.647297.jpg
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  2. I definitely recommend the quartz. I have an automatic and it conked out after 2 years and 2 months. Fortunately I had bought it at Wempe who gives a three year guarantee. They sent it to Cartier for repair. Winding is a real nuisance. I guess if you wear the watch all the time, you wind very infrequently, but I switch watches a lot.
  3. I love the cle,

    I am sure a lot would disagree but even though its a classic, the ballon looks a bit "dated" to me...
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  4. I totally agree with you.
    The bb was my love at first sign. However, after i tried both on, I just can't get the cle out of my mind. the Cle definitely looked more modern on me. IMO the ss cle looks more sleek and clean as the dial markers are blue.
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  5. I am having the same dilema, Cle or Ballon Bleu? Or Datejust (Rolex)? Cle is growing on me...... but I already have 2 Cartier watches.
  6. Datejust!
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  7. Rolex. Rolex will always have better value! They are stunning as well
  8. Thanks, I also like the Datejust 36mm a lot, but it doesn't fit my wrist as nicely as the Cle. It's a tough decision.
  9. Thanks. Having in consideration that I already have 2 Cartier watches, Rolex makes all the sense. My problem is that the 36 mm doesn't fit my wrist nicely and I don't particularly like the 31 mm.
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  10. hI Chanbal
    did you try Rolex in 34 ?
  11. Hi Baja,
    I went with Cartier again. Here it is the Cle (sorry for the bad picture)!!!! Cle-2.png
  12. We recently bought a Cartier watch for my son for his 16th birthday. He was deciding between these watches as well. He was dead set on the Ballon bleu, but in the end found that the cle 35 was the better option. From what he has told me, he likes the way it sits on his wrist and the fact that the crystal isn't as bulbous, so it does not get distorted when you look at it from the side. I frankly love both of them (I am considering a BB as my next watch), but that being said I think the ballon bleu is slightly more feminine and recognizable -- a true classic. The Cle, on the other hand, is fresher and has cleaner lines and to me, seems a tad more elegant. I don't think you could go wrong with either, but after seeing how much my son loves his Cle, I would seriously look into it! :biggrin:

    Here's a picture he sent me of it on his wrist. He absolutely loves it and never leaves the house without it!
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  13. Congrats, it's a great choice. I find it more comfortable on the wrist than the BB or Datejust, it's a perfect everyday watch IMO.
    If you are looking for a true classic, the Cartier Panthere is back.
  14. Great choice Chanbal - Cle is perfect on you ...
  15. Thanks Baja, it is a great everyday watch. :flowers: