Ballon Bleu or Cle

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  1. Hello!

    So I'm saving to buy my first Cartier watch, trying to decide between the Cle and the BB. I wear a YG love on my right hand and will wear the watch in that hand too. I like the two tone Cle (SS/RG) and either the SS BB or the two tone BB. I will take pics of it on my wrist later this week and post. Hoping to purchase around Christmas, I will keep you all updated. Let me know your opinions if anyone has one or both of these watches! Wondering if they will both be in style long and comfort of wearing everyday, all that stuff!
  2. Unfortunatelly nobody paid attention to this thread :sad: I am also trying to decide on my next watch and i can't decide between ballon bleu and tank francaise:doh::doh: And in your case my vote is for ballon bleu, i hope you will make the right decision :hugs:
  3. ballon bleu!!
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  4. Another vote for the ballon bleu :smile:
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  5. Ballon blue all the way!
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  6. Do you girl also prefer Ballon bleu over tank francaise ?
  7. Can you also let me know which size Ballon bleu you prefer ?:smile:
  8. Ballon Bleu, I have the 33 and love it. I tried on the 36 and it's a bit overwhelming on me.
  9. I have the 42
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  10. Depends on your wrist I guess, mine is a 36 and 33 would have looked too small.
  11. Thanks a lot for the replies . Once a SA told me if i want something classic i must go for 33, is this true?I mean is 33 considered as ''classic'' ? Which size do you think is the most popular amongst ladies .
  12. It really does depend on your wrist size and I don't own a ballon bleu (although I do think it is the most beautiful watch I have seen!). All I can say is that my wrist measures approx 15cms and when I bought my Rolex the 35mm looked too big for the long term. Big watches are fashionable now but may not always be and are even now not always appropriate for evening. I went for the 31mm Rolex and if I were to buy a BB it would be the 33mm I would get if I wanted it for the long term. You really need to try them on to get the best idea :smile:
  13. My wrist is almost same with yours and i think you are right 33 mm is good for the long term but for sure i would like try 36 mm on me , i hope they will have one when i visit the boutique :smile:
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    I bought the 36 and have been wanting the 42 ever since. I have a small wrist but I am quite tall.

    Speaking of my Ballon Bleu, I bought it in June 2014 at Wempe, a large international jeweler with a New York store. They gave me a three year warranty instead of the two that Cartier gives. A little over a month ago I started to have trouble winding it; the stem seemed to have moved in such a way that it was hard to grab it, and when I did wind it, the watch vibrated. I took it into Wempe, who has to send it to Cartier. Its been three weeks already and Wempe has told me it will be another two weeks or so. I was really disappointed in this slow service and the early breakdown of the watch. I own other Cartiers and have never had a problem other than battery changes and periodic cleaning. Has anyone else had this experience with an relatively early breakdown of a Cartier watch?
    I was wondering if, had I bought it at Cartier, they would have charged me an arm and a leg to repair it?
  15. Thanks for posting this !I am already paranoid recently because of all these quality control problems going on with the bags at least i don't want to be worried about my watch lol:doh: I hope this ''early breakdown'' is not a common problem for Ballon Bleu, i really wouldn't enjoy sending a relatively new watch to the service (your watch is quite new for me since it is only 2 years old ) :hrmm: