1. so my parents said i can get a new bag. i always get LV, but im thinking that i may want a balenciaga motorcycle le dix. however, ive heard that its not really durable to use it as an everyday bag. can anyone tell me how their balenciaga is holding up? thanks
  2. I use my Grey Twiggy as daily bag and I can't say that I am baby my bag honestly and you know something ? That bag has been travelled alots between countries and it looks just fine. Not even have a split tassels.
  3. I don't baby my three Twiggys either, other than being careful where I put them when I'm out for dinner. I take them everywhere, even on daily errands, grocery store, etc. Besides, the more you use them the better they look and feel! And, if you treat the leather to prevent stains you don't have to worry about rain or other mishaps. I say go for it! Be prepared won't stop at one and your LV's may feel a tad neglected and jealous. ;)
  4. So far no problems with mine! I would say if you're used to LV and the vachetta then you'll think Balenciaga is worry free!!!!!
  5. :yes: absolutely true there. especially going from LV to Bbags, i think Bbags are a lot easier to maintain. and the more you use them, the better they look! you won't regret it!
  6. As long as you stay away from the lighter colors, they're really durable. Good luck and let us know what you get!
  7. thanks everyone. i am getting a black motorcycle first bag. but i have to wait till nov:sad: omg. i cant believe i am getting something other than LV!!
  8. its true isn't it? i got my first bbag last month and i absolutely love it :love: (i would never think twice about anything else other than LV before that)~ then ever since i bought my first bbag~ i'm starting to really love other non-logo bags like chloe and miu miu~ :nuts: its funny how it works~ i guess everyone goes thru phases~ not saying that i'm completely over LV~ i still love it~ but i do have room for other brands too :p

  9. oh yeah, i will never be over LV, its a classic, its just time for something different. i also love chloe.
  10. i used to be loyal to LV, until I bought my first bbag, a CITY.

    I'm now thinking of letting go of my other LV bags to get more bbags...................

    I'm sure you'll love the first once you get it............good luck deciding
  11. The B-bags hold up just as well (or dare I say - even better than) the Speedy. Since you don't have to worry about honeying patina/water-staining vachetta, etc, it's really quite a stress-free bag and great for all kinds of weather:smile:
  12. the more you use your balenciaga, the greater and smoothier she becomes! don't even think about it! go for her!:tup:
  13. I've just gone the other way and have just purchase a black denim neo cabby, which I absolutely adore. But I'm still back with Balenciaga. I have 12 wonderful hard-wearing Bbags, which are just great for everyday wear. To work, to the shops, to everywhere. You will not regret buying one - but just be careful, you won't stop at one! I love my LV but I'm in love with my Bbags! Have fun!
  14. Lucky you! Thats really nice of your parents. I would say go with a step. I love this bag.
  15. A black first would be a good first Bbag! :yes: As long as you protect it, I think the Bbag should be very durable and practical. Please let us know when you get it and post some pics for us!