balenciaga virgin

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  1. i am finally getting my first b bag but i am totally confused...:confused1:

    i know that i want a city bag but what color? do i start with plain old black?

    i have a black chloe paddington bowler
    chanel black caviar timelss clutch
    tods in orange
    isabella fiore in yellow
    lv speedy 30
    lanvin kentucy in olive green
    gucci side bag

    please help...:graucho:
  2. Black is a great City to start with..IMO it's a must have..however if you want some color you might want to consider the turquoise that just came out or the coral :smile:
    Anyway, you can't really go wrong! All of them are lovely!
  3. You can never go wrong with black
  4. It looks like you have some statement bags in colors, so a black city would be a great bag. Enjoy your search.
  5. How about Electric Blue? Black is basic and would never go wrong. Since you already have two black bags, maybe you could consider getting a blue City?
  6. I second EB!!! You have black, orange, yellow & green on top of black so it would be great to add a blue or red. EB is a gorgeous shade of blue.
  7. a nice blue would be good.
  8. thanks everyone...when i make the decision, i will post my bal bag. i am leaning towards the eb or black! i just join pf today and this site is awesome for us purse lovers! i am totally hooked and love what everyone have to say.
  9. do electric blue! bal colors are amazing. :smile: sounds like you already have good black staples -- chloe and chanel.
  10. Eb!
  11. EB RH CITY! I love mine =]
  12. My first and only Balenciaga is a Black City and after getting it, I want to use nothing else!

    I kinda lusted after a Red Twiggy for awhile but red is a true statement color (it's not pastel enough to pass off as a spring/summer color) so I think my next bag will be blue...

    Anyway - you're probably leaning in the right direction because blue/black are definitely the most common responses here.
  13. It must be so hard to decide when Bal makes such great colours! For my first bbag I would probably choose something more versatile that I could use with alot of outfits. I'd also probably get a darker shade so that I won't have to always worry about getting it stained or dirty. Apart from Black there are other great alternatives eg Plomb, Ink, Anthracite. There are also plenty of dark blues, dark greens, etc around. It would be hard (and no fun!!) for US to tell YOU what to get! Have fun exploring and deciding!
  14. I would say black unless you are planning on buying more. Black is a colour that is available every season but the other colours change. If you find a non-black that you love, then go for it! You can always buy a black city later if you feel like it (and as someone said, a black city is a "must" have;) )

  15. magenta 05 or LE?