Balenciaga sighting yesterday... was it YOU?

  1. When: Mon 21 May approx 5:30pm
    Where: Going down Cheapside, London City
    Who: Slim dark-haired lady in sunnies
    What: looked like Gris Poivre RH City
    Me: Short Asian lady in tan trench
  2. May 22, around 4:30pm
    Walking west on Jackson between Wabash and State, north side of the street
    White or off white city bag (I never realized how amazing that bag looks in person, how great the size is! And yours looks pristine)
    You: black with a baseball cap, walking with a man
    Me: brown curly hair, gray pant suit, walking behind you toward the train
  3. When - may 27th at the Camarillo outlets in I forget which store

    What - an asian lady wearing a maxi dress with what it looked like a city dark blue (blue roi?) with regular hardware

    Me - Asian girl with my hair up in a bun wearing shorts, pink top and a Grey jacket with my tomato city
  4. When: Monday, 5/28 approx. 6:30 local time

    Where: BNA, baggage claim area

    Who: 20-something Asian woman with chin-length bob, wearing shorts and a tee (I think you were meeting a passenger)

    What: Black RH First - broken in but in fabulous condition

    Me: short, 30-something woman in jeans and tee, with hair up, carrying my '12 Anthra RH Kraft, plus luggage
  5. When: Friday around 7:30pm (or 9:00pm was there twice)
    Where: BIG's @ Publika
    Who: long hair lady in t-shirt and red shorts (if I remember correctly)
    What: pink lizard embossed First :nuts:
    (first time I see one of those!! very eye catching!!)
    Me: in polka dots skirt and black tank top w my black RH City :tender:
  6. When: Sunday, June 3rd
    Where: NY Aquarium at Coney Island
    Who: Asian woman in a pretty mauve top walking with a guy
    What: pink City bag
    Me: I don't think you saw woman carrying my beat up 2005 black City
  7. I've been to that TJMaxx many times, although this sighting wasn't me. If you see a blonde with a Bal it's probably me!

  8. I am at this TJ Maxx at least once a week. i'ii be on the look out for you. Now, if you see a African-American 5'5 with brown hair with blonde lights, that will be me!
  9. When: June 13, 2012
    Where: Banana Republic WFC, NYC
    What: Seemed like an Anthra City GGH
    Who: Petite Asian lady who seemed to be annoyed when I complimented her bag. Whatever! :smile:
    Me: Black City RGGH
  10. Today, around 10am, Luxembourg city, Grand-Rue, blonde girl/woman wearing black pants & flats and denim jacket with a black town sh doing window shopping.

    Around 1130 am, near post office, woman with dark hair with her little girl wearing a raisin city with gch.
  11. Who: Blonde woman, sitting with a male companion having coffee.
    What: Gorgeous black Bal city.
    Where: Barnes and Noble, at the Americana in Glendale, Ca.
    When: Today, 2 pm-ish.
    Me: Petite, long black hair, sitting on the far table, green Juicy top, jeans, with a black Bal city.
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    I saw two shopping tote bags on the street in Brisbane, Australia.

    -They really are beautiful :smile:
  13. I saw two shopping tote bags on the street in Brisbane, Australia.

    -They really are beautiful :smile:
  14. When: June 26, 2012
    Where: End of Work Day in the Elevator at MK Headquarters - Addison, TX
    What: Rose Pinkish Work w/GGH
    Who: (short) young asian girl, I think you were coming off the 3rd or 4th floor
    Me: tubby asian lady (taller than you), short curly hair w/black Part Time RGH. I was in the back of the elevator when I saw you walk in and my eyes opened wide! I wanted to tap you on the shoulder and compliment your bag, but someone was talking to me. I tried to speed walk after you to say something but my coworker was still talking to me, and alas, you headed for the North Side Parking Elevators while I had to head South. Maybe I'll see you around the building again!
  15. When... July 9th, 12 evening time
    Where... Shopping mall in the burb of Bangkok
    What... Atlantique, but not so sure about style. I'm not sure it's a Polly or Twiggy. I'm more incline on Polly. Anyway it looks great! I think I'm going to hunt for it starting now.
    Who... A girl with long hair in university uniform
    Me... Hatsukoi brand Double style in Ocean Blue color