Balenciaga sighting yesterday... was it YOU?

  1. Thanks for the refresh:p

    We have had alot of sightings lately..where are the SF sightings??
  2. Keep an eye out, Boston gals, my EB GSH PT is going to be here today and I doubt anyone will see me without it for a long while! ;)
  3. When: today, 6 p.m.
    Where: Paris, subway line 12
    What: blue (ocean?) RH part time
    Who: slim brunette with grey trench coat
    Me: standing in front of you in the train, black jacket, denim skirt, biker boots, black RH Day
  4. When: Today (April 8th), 10:15am
    Where: Calgary, Canada. TD Square, near Birks.
    What: Bright red (Vermillion?) hobo with giant gold hardware!
    Who: Tall girl with friend
    Me: Short asian girl in black leather biker jacket. (Was going to a meeting so I didn't have my bbag with me!)
  5. yay new thread!
  6. When: April 11, 2009 around 3pm
    Where: Cherry Blossom Festival
    What: Magenta SGH Brief?
    Who: See picture
    Me: volunteering at the St. Mary's Mobile Medical Van

  7. When: Today (April 11th), 2:00PMish
    Where: St. Louis, Missouri ZOO
    What: Caramel City
    Who: Tall girl with her boyfriend, both wearing North Face jackets walking pass the monkey house. I believe girl was wearing a pink/berry Khumbu fleece.
    Me: Asian girl wearing a black apex north face with jeans, sitting with another asian girl in a white jacket.
  8. Two sightings withing 5 seconds!
    When: April 11, 2009
    Where: Bloomingdales, Chestnut Hill, MA
    Who and what: Asian woman wearing black I think carrying a black city, RH, an older bag (2005 or 2007) I think and two seconds later a woman with long highlighted blonde hair, carrying a black with GGH City.
    Me: Brunette wearing jeans and a rain jacket with my 2007 black men's besace messenger.
  9. When: Saturday April 11, around 2:45pm
    Where: Seattle, Washington. University Village Anthropologie
    Who: Girl with brown hair, wearing jeans and a purple shirt over a white long sleeved shirt? (SEE SPY PIC!)
    What: Black Cherry (?) SGH City
    Me: Wearing jeans, boots, a purple zip-up and dark brown hair in a ponytail carrying my LV Speedy 35

  10. When: FriDAY April 10, around 3:00pm
    Who: Girl with brown hair, wearing a long yellow dress with a dachsund
    What: sandstone or sahara ggh pt
    Me: i was walking in the street with my blueberry work and i was drooling on her ba:graucho:g
  11. Nice spy picture! I was volunteering at the beer tent so I had to leave my bag in the car. I was hoping I'd have some sightings at the festival but I didn't see any!
  12. Look at that bag slouch, this has GOT to be a PFer!

  13. finally saw some bbags in sydney!!!!!! 2 in the same day!

    When: 15apr, 5.30pm
    Where: sydney, city pitt st crossing red light, heading towards citigroup centre!
    What: shiny black rh city
    Who: brunette with black dress and high heels
    Me: asian girl waiting for the light with my black rh city as well! but i bet u didnt see me...

    When: today, 6.15pm
    Where: sydney, bus 396!!!!!
    What: anthra rh city?
    Who: chinese gal wearing skirt and long hair walking along with your friend
    Me: black rh city again, we were actually on the same bus!
  14. When: Today, Apr 15 around 9 AM
    Where: Union Station in LA, waiting for the Red Line
    What: Beautiful Pine GSH City:nuts:
    Who: Slim Asian girl with a blue jacket and knee-high boots