Balenciaga celebrates Neiman's 100th Anniversary with this!

  1. To commemorate Neiman Marcus' 100th Anniversary, some designers have designed special, exclusive designs for limited production and sale at NM. This is what my SA just sent me "the color of the Balenciaga Arena will be exclusive to Neiman's. The hardware is gunmetal and this color will be exclusive to Neimans for 6 months."

    I love it!
  2. That looks like Aquamarine to me, right? How interesting, with the hardware!
  3. Lovely shade of blue. Looks like 05 Teal. Is that giant gunmetal hardware?
  4. I think it looks like teal too. I'm definitely interested.
  5. ohhh love the color...i gotta get one
  6. Oddly, Aqua is so hard to capture via photos and that photo captures what my Aqua looks like exactly! lol.
  7. IF you love it, call your SA as soon as possible because these are going to be limited in quantity! If you need an SA, mine rocks- her name is Lisa Hamlin (248) 635-8442!
  8. *THUD* ......... :drool: :drool: :drool:

    I will be giving Lisa a call as soon as I scrap myself off the floor!! Gorgeous!!!

    I love the hardware... Are they only doing one style, or will there be more then one offered? DARN... just when I thought I had my list sorted out.
  9. WOW, that is awesome. giant gunmetal hardware!! Thanks Jag!!
  10. I love the hardware, if all giant hw were like this I'd love it!
  11. wow!! love the colour and love the hardware:wlae:
  12. how much is this beauty?
    I'll have to see if I have the money to pay for this before calling the SA....
  13. That color is amazing!
  14. Pretty color.
  15. Will this be available in all styles, or just the city?

    Now I really have to build up funds again!