Balenciaga Beige -- NOT Beige??

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  1. I ordered a Balenciaga City Bag in "Beige" on -- it looked more taupe colored, which is why I picked it. However, it was a disappointment when it arrived today as it looks more Gray than Beige or Taupe. Obviously colors will look a little different in different lighting and devices, but I felt like this was way off. Just wanted to share in case anyone was considering purchasing online.

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  2. Wow! I know that sometimes the Bal color names don't seem to match in my mind but that right there might just be a legit mistake. Gray is NOT beige....:tdown:
  3. Had you seen the color swatches before your purchase? Balenciaga is notorious for the 'not so accurate' color names, but in this case, the color swatch does look like your bag. Frankly, I would describe the color as a pretty spot-on taupe.


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  4. Yes, this is a tough one. When I compare your photo to the photo on NM site theirs is very much more 'brownish' than your photo.......of course maybe it's the lighting in your photo? So hard to say but if you're not happy with it you can always exchange it.
    So sorry, I know how disappointing that must be.
  5. Neiman Marcus is also notoriously bad at describing the colors and likely took the lazy way out and simply said "beige". That being said, NM is very good about returns, so just return it if you don't like it.
  6. So sorry it was not what you were is always a letdown when you have an idea in your mind of how something will look...coupled with the anticipation of the arrival of a package.
    I think it is beautiful...does it change color depending on the lighting, I wonder?
  7. I was wondering that as well Dextersmom re: the color change and lighting. That seems to happen to a lot of Bals.......
  8. Hi Everyone - Thanks for the insight. I did check in different lighting and it is mostly gray. No worries, I will just return. They do have a color called "Taupe," which looked more light grayish online, so maybe that one is actually taupe lol. Everyone processes color differently too, so perhaps others may see more brown like in the NM photo. The tag definitely said "Beige" though -- I thought it was a flat out mistake in shipping at first.

    This wasn't a stressed out complaint or anything - but wanted to share the "heads up." I normally try to see expensive bags at least in-person before purchasing. Ordering online can be tricky! I did not research for color swatches prior to purchasing. Thanks!
  9. Good luck Joey, it's tricky buying online for sure! At least you can exchange it and hopefully get the color you want.
  10. INDEED it is, and especially with Balenciaga where the color swatches and lighting can make a bag look TOTALLY different than IRL!!! Thank god I live in an area where I can see the bags first; only 1 time did I order online and quelle surprise .. it was a DISASTER!! Never again ..
  11. Sorry you don't like it :sad: I think it's really pretty though! Neiman Marcus' Balenciaga online merchandising is a HOT MESS. Hallelujah for returns!
  12. Too bad that you don't like the color. I just saw the "beige liege" a few days ago in a store and loved it.

    The sales lady told me that this is going to be the last classics with matte hardware, is this true?
  13. No - she was just trying to make a sale
  14. I thought so too. ....

    Saw the new classics with shiny golden hardware, not my cup of tea.... :cool:
  15. Your bag does not look beige, but I do love the color and think it is very versatile.