Bag holder project

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  1. Hi LVoers! After much research and YT digging, I've decided to try leather dyeing for the first time and customize a match for MLWT luggage (black with gold hardware combo). I'm not usually keen on messing with LV products but after over a year of waiting for this colour-way and unsuccessfully trying to custom order one it seems my only option is to customize it myself.

    I purchased this black standard one earlier but I haven't been 100% happy with the way it looks on my Horizon, zipper being pure silver but handles are clearly gold IMG_7133.jpeg

    I just ordered a new bag holder in Vachetta/gold along with these leatherwork items and will update this thread once everything arrives:smile: I would love to hear your thoughts/tips/experience on this topic!
    Product ID: M54658
    Material: VVN
    COLOR : Naturel

    Fiebing's Professional Leather Pro Dye
    4 oz - Black

  2. Wow! Nice work MyBelongs! Very clever and resourceful.
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  4. How creative and fun! Looking forward to seeing your next one :smile:
  5. All my items came last week but summer parties took priority. Try to get it done this week:smile:
    Pics for each step: IMG_9981.jpg
    Painter's tape to protect hardware RenderedImage-7.jpg
  6. Exciting
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  7. *Hardware difference: clasp and clip of the bag holder is antique gold to start, only LV logo is polished*

    I just dip dyed the bag holder twice, buffing out excess dye afterwards but I encountered an unforeseen hiccup: the painter's tape began peeling instantly once saturated with dye and I almost had a heart attack, thinking the hardware was stained permanently. OMG Being a 'shiny, unblemished hardware' lover this was definitely my worst scare to date with LV:lol: Luckily I had my trusted Goo-Gone on hand, tried it on a small section to see if it would work and it did!
    I left the dye to dry for about an hour before removing all the tape and polishing with Goo-Gone: RenderedImage-12.jpg RenderedImage-13.jpg
    The dye made the glazed edge a bit sticky so I buffed out 4 sides with Goo-Gone too: RenderedImage-14.jpg
    The next step was not recommended anywhere but I went with my instinct. Because I had used the very oily Goo-Gone and didn't want it to penetrate into the leather over time, possible degrading it structurally or breaking down/releasing the dye, I followed with a soapy wash using Softsoap and warm water (I always do this step after cleaning anything with Good Gone) IMG_9985.jpg
    IMG_9986.jpg It turned out beautifully! I'm so happy:yahoo:
    Now to let it dry overnight, reapply painters tape before using the dye sealant and buffing out tomorrow:drinks: (the edge you see beneath the logo is the metal square under the leather)
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  8. It looks great!
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  9. Oh wow, that turned out great. You are brilliant and brave V :smile:. Now you will have the perfect bag holder for your luggage.
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  10. wow! it looks beautiful.
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  11. Wow! This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing the process.
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  12. Good job! In my experience, the dye never sticks permanently to the hardware. It is easy to clean the metal off afterwards with just a cloth. I don't think the Goo gone was necessary.
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  13. Thank you for your comments, sweet friends! @karman @Iamminda @wyu1229 @Venessa84 :hugs:
    TY @whateve! I used Goo Gone because I didn't want to risk scratching the hardware. Maybe try without next time:smile:
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  14. RenderedImage-1.jpg RenderedImage-2.jpg RenderedImage-3.jpg RenderedImage-4.jpg
    Wow Leather sheen dried super quickly, less than 5 minutes. I did mold the bag holder back to shape in between the sealant coats (2 light coats) to coat thoroughly and am very happy with the final result!

    Thanks for sharing this process with me!