Bad experience at Louis Vuitton!

  1. Last week I went to Louis Vuitton in King of Prussa Mall in PA to purchase the inclusion bracelet. I've been lusting after the bracelet for some time now and decided to take the plunge. And so I did.

    I purchased the transparent/clear one, and when the sales associate was ringing me up I asked for another bracelet. I wanted a fresh one b/c I KNEW mine was the display and had been tried on numerous times.

    The gentlemen said that was the only clear one left. I was so excited I went through with the transaction anyway. I should have walked away from the sale. MISTAKE number 1!

    I'm very picky and as soon as I got home I regretted the purchase. For me, it wasn't worth price at full retail. I NEVER wore the bracelet in the week that I had it, and kept it in its box. I went back to Louis Vuitton exactly one week from purchase to return it, and that's when all hell broke loose.

    Do you know when you have a bad feeling something is going to happen. Well, that happened to me when the women took the bracelet to the back of the store. I thought to myself, where is she going with the bracelet?

    When she returned a few minutes later she told me they couldn't return the bracelet b/c it's not in the condition they would sell it in!

    :rant: WHAT?!? You sold it to me that way and I never wore it!!

    She went and got the manager.

    The manager said the sales associates who sold me the bracelet would never sell me the bracelet in the condition that it is in.

    So now, I'm a liar.

    I asked the gentlemen, "What could I have possibly done to the bracelet in just one week?! I asked, J, who sold me the bracelet to give me a fresh one, and not a display. He told there wasn't any left."

    So, am I now stuck with a bracelet I don't want?

    The store told me to call customer service and that's what I did. Right now I'm waiting to hear back from them. I know they have to call the store to see what happened.

    I should have listened to that little voice that said, don't buy the bracelet from here.

    SOOO MAD right now!!
  2. Ugh, I'm so sorry this is happening to you.
  3. Oh that would make me soo mad too!! If that was the case they never should have sold it to you! Liars! I hope they let you return it. So much for customer service.

    I'm interested to see how this bracelet looks.
  4. Did you pay with a credit card?
  5. :flowers:Sorry that happened to you. The manager has someone she answers to. I would have asked her what is your boss's/director's name written a letter,email and contacted customer service. In today's time regarding a complaint just drop a email to the top boss. I would request a full refund and email a complaint letter regarding the SA and Manager assumming I damaged the item it may have been a return or damaged in shipping.
  6. Thank you ladies for your feedback!

    I keep staring at the bracelet to see if there's something I am missing. To me it's not in bad condition at all. Is there some noticeable wear? YES! but that's to be expected b/c THEY sold me a display bracelet.

    I'm livid!

    I did email customer service as well as speak to a customer rep.

    I did pay with my Amex card. Can I do a charge back? I've never done that before so I'm not sure.
  7. That is so wrong and obnoxious! Were you able to track down the SA who sold it to you? He could confirm that you were sold the one on display.
  8. He wasn't there today or at least I didn't see him. The store is small.
  9. I'm so sorry to hear that this happened to you! :sad:

    Hmm. Has anyone else noticed that LV's customer service has been a little... sub par lately?
  10. great. does that mean they won't refund me my money back? :sad:
  11. unfortunately it is your word against his (and i'll bet he will deny that there was any wear because he has to since they're apparently not supposed to sell anything in that condition, your experience notwithstanding). LV is super strict when it comes to returns so i have only done it once (and they treated me with suspicion and annoyance). which aside from the snotty attitude i appreciate because i dislike paying full price for something that has been used. i wish you luck but be prepared for this to be a learning experience. i made the same mistake when i took my cartier roadster to be fixed at Saks (where i bought it) and it came back covered in scratches. the SA said it was in that condition when i dropped it off and i didn't have any proof to the contrary. i liken it to renting a car -- you had better inspect it carefully before you drive away otherwise you will be blamed for any pre-existing damage.
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    *changed the title of the thread! thanks swanky!*

    i feel as though LV lovers should be aware of my shopping experience.
  13. wow. i would really be upset if that happened to my cartier.

    so i guess it was your word against the SA?

    can i do a charge back?

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    wel wel wel, this is the same experience with me....
    i bought a sarah wallet in LV king of prussia couple weeks ago, but still in between with the zippy wallet, but when i purchased the wllet the SA told me that the this is the last sarah in vernis available at the time when i asked for the new one, so with my unpatient i just bought the sarah wallet.

    fast foward, 10 days past i just don't feel the love, never used the wallet and keep neet in the box, i drove to KOP to exchange it with zippy vernis, the sa said the manager (short asian) told that the wallet was not resable condition, i said what? never used the wallet how come it not resabble condition. I told him when i bought it , the wallet already in that condition. When i asked for the new one but the sa said at the moment that it;s the only wallet availble, so he said that it;s my word against him, and the sa/LV never sale the items on that condition. i'm so pissed at the time, want to punch him.

    so i called my lovely sa at he Saks, told him the story and exchange the wallet with no problem. I never going back to LV in KOP no more.
  15. One of my friends had a very bad experience at that store last week too!!! WTH!!!
    the main manager is not very helpful.I never shop there anymore.I prefer my SAks LV.KOp won't get my business