Bad experience at Louis Vuitton!

  1. I am so sorry!!! It is amazing how full of crap they are. I had the same thing happen to me. I bought a shawl and when I got home I noticed it had snags in it and when I took it back I got the same BS. We would never sell something that looked like that. They would not let me return it either.

    Then my friend bought a brand new damier speedy at the SCP LV and the pattern was not straight so she took it back to the BH LV and they told her that the bag she bought at the SCP LV was fake and they would not exchange it for her.

    If you notice a defect while in the store their standard answer is "well LV is handmade" and then if you don't notice it and buy something and notice a defect once you get home they will not return it claiming they would never sell it that way.

    LV SUCKS!!!!
  2. I've only bought 1 thing so far from LV and was lucky to have gotten a bag that's in perfect condition, because I didn't inspect the bag that they chose out of their stock in their drawer. Though in the future, I will definitely check the item before buying it! You guys should too in order to avoid this situation! :hrmm:
  3. Haha, short asain. rude ! LOL. He is rude and really has NO right to be. OP if you only knew how I was treated with the same sa and a scarf last year. There are only 3 people there worthy of my time. In fact its sad that those 3 work there cause they lost soooo much buisness from thier bad CS, all of the mall talks about it. The short asian has a bad rep from all of my friends. Hahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  4. My suggestion is to contact American Express ASAP to put a dispute on the charge and let them know you are trying to return the item. American Express always stands by their members and they will intervene on your behalf. Good luck and let us know how you make out.
  5. OMG!!

    it seems as though i am NOT the only one that experienced the SAME problem with the same manager. he is short b/c i'm petite myself and we were eye to eye.

    there was another woman who took my return first and when i started arguing with her she went & got the short man.

    i was SO embarrassed b/c he basically told me in front of customers that I DAMAGED the bracelet. that it was MY fault the bracelet looks the way it does!

    why didn't i go to Saks LV?!?!?! so stupid of me!!!
  6. i called them yesterday and they are investigating. but can i mention this thread to Amex? the problem with Amex is, it could take up to several weeks for this to be finalized. but i only have 6 days to resolve this b/c of LV's return policy.
  7. also, customer service called me back yesterday, and of course sided with the store. CS even said they spoke to the gentlemen who sold me the bracelet and apparently he had told me that there were TWO bracelets left.
    so i then responded, "why didn't he give me the other bracelet when i asked for another one?!"

    i then proceded to say that of course the bracelet is going to have some wear, it's clear. furthermore it was a display bracelet, that's why i asked for a new one, but i was told there wasn't one.

    and then i started talking about the way i was treated. it was uncalled for and very embarrassing. NO customer should EVER feel belittled. they were RUDE and looked at my like i was a pariah.

    CS said they are going to look into it some more and will get back to me. but i told CS if you're just going to side with the store don't bother wasting my time. he said, no i want to get to the bottom of this. so we'll see.
  8. i'm speechless after reading your post.

    i'm thinking of calling the mall office as well. i'm on a crusade! :nuts:

  9. It is my understanding that as soon as you file the dispute with Amex, its like the return is in process until the dispute is resolved. The 14 days is now LV's responsibilty. I don't think mentioning this thread serves anything, but you never know.
  10. ^ I just got off the phone and spoke to J** at Amex and I did mention the thread. She said, it helps to see that I'm not the only one going through bad CS at the same LV store, but for obvious reasons they can't use it as part of the dispute. but it has been noted in my file.
  11. Great! I hope everything works out for you. :smile:
  12. I think you are doing the right thing by filing a dispute.

    And don't believe the lies, LV, Hermes all of them sell stuff that has been on display and is in less than new condition. I have a scarf ring from Hermes that was a display, piece. I took it because the item had been discontinued for years and one likely on of the last three or less in the country. I knew the condition but I took it anyway because I wanted it that badly, and I don't regret for a second doing it either .

    However, LV recently sold me an epi agenda that was made in 2005 and had been on display or touched a lot in that time. Despite Checking it closely, it was not till I got home and checked for the date code that I found white stains hidden away in the pockets and I asked addy to translate the date code for me that I saw just how old it was. In my case they took the return no problem because the hardware was an old style that they had not used in ages so they could easily see that they sold me something that was really old.

    But don't worry Amex is very good and I am sure they will get lv to accept this return. I think though that you should also write a letter to lv and give them this link.

    They, lv and all these designers, need to make up their minds if they are going to sell display items as they do, they need to make a note on your receipt stating that you got a display item, or not sell it at all.
  13. Thats a really good point wigglytuff. As consumers, we should insist this is written on the receipt if we buy display items to protect ourselves and rights to return.
  14. I was going to say the same thing as Wiggly tuff - make it a policy to stamp the receipt Display Item. Even my local Winners (TJ Maxx) store around the corner does that, so if the item does not work out, no questions asked. While LV cannot control the level of service at an individual SA level, they should still put in policies and practices that will promote great customer service.
  15. Very odd, I had the same experience too.

    There is a trend here. I think we should all call CS and highlight this.

    What is going on with this store? Such a nice store but this?