*bad*BAD*bad*BAD* girl part TWO....

  1. YEAAAAH it is here!!!! Actually earlier but I was soooo floored with illness thank to my little ones grrr :smile:
  2. Oh goodie!!! Let's see...:yahoo:
  3. Oh Yes!!!!! Good timing for me this round!!!!!
  4. After receiving the 30 cm Brighton Blue last December. I fell head over heels for the 30 cm.
  5. :woohoo:
  6. here she is:

  7. So though I was on my main mission... I got distracted.. and jumped on a chance I just couldn't resist...
  8. Oh that's a pretty one!!!!
  9. Yes!!!!
  10. Here she is

    30 cm Rouge H Box Birkin with brushed PH

  11. And then yesterday THE BOX arrived... where I so long longed for...
  12. Oh actually boxes
  13. You got the classic leather, the classic Hermes color!!!!! I love rouge H. I think it is spectacular on a Birkin. Congratulations!!!! It is beautiful!!!!
  14. I'm a fast stripteaser... though my kids are jumping here with excitement too...



  15. oh bring it on! I got your emails but I am out of town. will write you back a little later