Back from Sydney with new LV's!

  1. Had a great experience in the Sydney store (my first visit), the SA was lovely and I can't wait until I can afford to go back there:yes: I seen lots of ladies in Sydney carrying beautiful authentic Lv's- it was almost worth it for all the "bag spotting" on the street.:lol:
    I like pink so got the denim GM and the monogram silk charms pouchette - wanted the matching cles to go on this one but it is $500 AUD which is an awful lot for something so small.
    My SA said the Mirroir monogram line should be here in a few months:yahoo:Better start saving. Seen the Damier Duomo and Loved:heart: it, this is my next want.
  2. Cute color, congrats!
  3. Glad you had a nice experience at LV & I absolutely adore your Baggy GM!
  4. i love the charms pochette!
    did you just buy this recently?

    i was told by my SA in Melbourne that there were no more charms pochettes in australia when i wanted to buy one and that they were all sold out! :rant:

    but great buys! you should have picked up the matching cles too! :angel:
  5. The pink baggy just screams summer. Lovely buy!
  6. Very pretty:smile:
  7. Looooovvveeelllyyy!
  8. totally loving your new pieces! congrats!
  9. Yes, I only just got them both on the 8th June. Maybe the 1300 number in Sydney can send one to your store? Yes, should've spent the extra for the cles, might be able to mail order it.
  10. Adorable, enjoy!
  11. Aww.. I love the charms pochette, so cute !
  12. Great choices!! I just love pink!!! Will you use the pochette as an evening bag or inside the denim baggy?
  13. Gorgeous pieces!:biggrin::yes:
  14. Glad to hear you had a good time! Congrats on wonderful purchases!!!
  15. I'll probably use the pouchette as a small evening bag, it looks a bit formal to use with denim baggy.

    Thanks all for your kind comments:amuse: