back from amsterdam and with something in tow

  1. i met the loveliest SA (michelle) at the Chanel boutique in amsterdam and it was just perfect, when after showing some other bags and we got around to discussing about the colours for the classic flaps, she casually mentioned that she had a dark red flap with a different clasp from the classic flap and i just knew that she had a bordeux reissue! it was the perfect size and since they sold out of the python flaps, i thought the burgandy reissue would be a fantastic choice to the python flaps.

    just a heads up, the stock they had in amsterdam:
    - classic flaps in black and beige
    - perforated flaps in orange, a perforated e/w in red, mini flap in red
    - a white diamond stitch flap (small size) and white ds tote
    - the new cotton club bags in black and a champagne/silvery gold colour
    - diagonal cc bags in baby blue
    - baby animals bag in black
    - tonnes of paris biarritz bags in black and this bronzey colour (they look absolutely gorgeous IRL!!!)
    - the a/w 06 python tote in dark green/black
    - a small ultimate soft in black CROC/ALLIGATOR (!!) it is definitely a sight to behold!
    - a pink classic flap (it's cotton candy pink with 3 flaps like the tri-colour flap)
    - a navy patent flap (i didn't see it but the SA mentioned it)
    - what looks like the country club bags but in a flap version with the same turnlock as the reissue. they were in grey/taupe with black & white trips, very lovely and i nearly bought them if the red reissue wasn't around.

    the SA also mentioned that the python evening clutches (with the camelia flower) were coming out in april.

    anyway, here are the pictures of the red reissue (which i'm sure everyone has seen for more than a few times). it was at 1400 euros. :yes: although i'm not sure about the size of it though since i thought it was a 226 but it seems like it might be a 225 (based on the dimensions in the reference library).
    KIF_8614.JPG KIF_8619.JPG KIF_8620.JPG KIF_8622.JPG KIF_8625.JPG
  2. OMG< it's sooooooooo beautiful
  3. Wow, that's gorgeous! Congrats.
  4. Congrats on your great bag!!!
  5. very, very beautiful! :love: enjoy!:yahoo:
  6. Gorgeous bag, but everyone knows I love the reissues so I'm biased.:p
  7. I love that in bordeaux. So beautiful.

  8. Congrats! Love the color. Thanks for the update as well.:yes:
  9. So lovely! Love the reissue! Congrats!
  10. Wow, you are so lucky to find the bordeaux reissue. Congrats!
  11. I looove that rich color. :drool: Gorgeous bag, congrats!! :heart:
  12. WOWW LUCKY YOU !!! CONGRATLUATIONS on the BEAUTY !!!! Just curious, do you have a pic for the 3-flap pink classic flap?? i m really interested in the 3 flaps !!!
  13. I love it. Congrats. LOVE the red!!
  14. beautiful colour :love: and Michelle indeed is a lovely SA :yes:
  15. unfortunately i didn't think to take pictures of the bags she showed me, but the leather for the pink is distressed like the leather for the reissue, it's a double cc closure with triple flaps and the pink is sort like this pink in the picture below (maybe just a shade lighter):


    i hope that helps some. maybe you could ring up the chanel in amsterdam and ask for michelle? she's really very helpful and patient.