Azur Saleya MM, Really that hard to find??

  1. Hi all...

    I'm planning ahead for my May/June purchase, and have been thinking about the Azur Saleya MM.

    Are they as hard to come by like the Azur Speedy??:confused1: I know Elux has occasionally been getting the GM, but that's it. I wonder if they'll be more accessible by the time I decide to buy in May/June. (That's if I do decide to get one..) :s

    Anyone been finding them around lately in the LV boutiques? Also, how much are they? I ck'd elux...even under the reg. damier for prices...but they only have the PM, GM in reg. Damier, and the Azur Saleya GM (once in awhile). But no MM sizes in either color. :shrugs:

    Thx all!! :flowers:
  2. LV is having problems with the Azur canvas production besides meeting the demand of their customers! They do show up in very small batches like 2 of each to every boutique. They have them every now and then on Elux. You could call 866-vuitton, but I'm sure you know how they are. Hopefully a pfer will spot one for you. Good luck!
  3. I'm sure around May/June they will be easier to find!!:yes:
  4. ^^Thanks for your help!!

    Hmm, I wonder if there's a waiting list for them??

    I haven't decided yet if the Saleya will be "the one". LOL! Still cking out my options.

    Yep, I guess I have some more time to think about it, and also perhaps in May/June they'll be easier to get if I do decide to get one.

    Thanks girls!:yes:
  5. LVcrazed... The boutique does suggest wait listing for these items because many ppl are still waiting since December!
  6. ^^LOL, If/when I make a decision perhaps I'll have to get on the waiting list. OR LOL wait out elux til then. Stalk elux! Ya! LOL!! That's what I did w/ the Azur Speedy. Haha...also way back when the Cerise's were released as well...LOL :ninja:
  7. Do you know what the deal is with the production of the Azur canvas?? Is it something major or...??? Just wondering..:shrugs:
  8. I remembered when Carises're on eLux.. I was totally nuts!! :nuts:

    So, I kept thinking about another LE pieces, will eLux going to have them?


    Ps. I got my Azur Speedy (& Saleya GM) from eLux as well.
  9. When I purchae my bag earlier this month I was told this by none other than 866. I also just finally got in touch with my regular SA and she told me the same thing. Would not go into specific details about what was wrong with the dye lots of the canvas.
  10. Hmm...interesting.:yes: Thx for the info!! ;)
  11. i guess im just lucky?? i just traded my azur speedy in for a saleya mm, its a beauty! the store (its in chevy chase md) seemed to have an adequate number of saleyas??
  12. I really like the saleya.
  13. Wow! Really?? Hmm....that's good to know!! Or is it?? LOL YIPE!:graucho: Got any pics? Is it comfy on the shoulder?

  14. Hope LVcrazed sees this. I know the supply is very sporadic. I bought mine way over in Rodeo Drive in California!
  15. Funny you ask this.....I was looking for this bag for about 2wks. Kept calling 866 and they were adament that there weren't any in stock and to keep calling back. Finally I spoke to Emery (who has helped dh in the past) and sure enough she says "well yes Mrs. B*** there are quite a few fast do you want to get it"? So I got one shipped from Las Vegas and it arrived today (just ordered it yesterday). So it definitely depends on who you talk to and if they want to go through the "trouble" of locating one for you! :shrugs: Always thought that was their job.....LOL

    Good Luck getting one when you decide to get one....I'm so impatient and would have to get it now! :graucho: