Azur Neo Noe with Bleu Jean Leather Trim

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  1. Several weeks ago, I saw a photo of the Azur Neo Noe with blue leather trim on this site. Does anyone have any info on when this will be released? Or, any info on any other bags coming out with colored trim? Thank you!
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  2. Bump
  3. I didn't see the photo but it sounds really pretty!
  4. I didn't see the photo but it sounds really pretty!
  5. Yes I saw somewhere in TPF, but never at store. I am also waiting for it.. :smile:
  6. Sorry, didn’t realize you said azur.
  7. From foxylv
  8. Neonoe Azur Pastels - Bleuet (credit: lvj12)
    31CC9AFD-9832-4046-AAFD-AD7108E522E7.jpeg 85993ED9-12CE-46CA-8048-1BC64B9579C9.jpeg 89E58908-D55D-46F2-971A-5CE0A4CEE152.jpeg
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  9. OMG, that is the bag I was waiting for :loveeyes: !
  10. :heart::heart::heart:
  11. Yea, I really like this.
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  12. Wow. I love it. The color combination is beautiful.
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  13. That blue is truly dreamy!
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  14. Blue definitely suits the Azur canvas. It’s beautiful!
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