Awaiting a Wang? Step into the AW waiting lounge!

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    It's finally on its way! Won't be here until next week though due to the holidays. Finally getting a pair of Kori's and the Fumo Wristlet :biggrin::biggrin:

    Happy New Year!
  2. Got my ink rockie and waiting on the ink Rocco and ink fumo from Barneys. They are supposed to be delivered tomorrow.

  3. Congrats! That had to have been a great deal.
  4. Went a little Wang Loco and bought a pair of Daria boots, a brick Angela, and a black with white tipped Rocco~~~ the end.

  5. Congrats! I have these boots and they are incredible - so comfortable and go with absolutely everything from jeans to skirts to dress pants. And we're twins on the Fumo too, 'cept mine is cayenne. Enjoy!
  6. I just ordered my first AW bag, the diego in heritage. Have been eyeing this style for solo long, can't believe I just found it at 40% off! Never ordered from Barneys before though, and I live in Europe, so hope everything works out!
  7. Just purchased a black rockie with pale gold h/w!!! AHHH I'm so frikken excited! :woohoo:

    Could not for the life of me decide between the pale gold or rose gold but ultimately went with the pale gold. Also managed to snag one before the price increase. Rockies are now $850!

    Now I can save the rose gold for a diego maybe? hahah
  8. Congrats! I'm the same! I just literally placed my order for the Rockie w/ pale gold. Debating between the life or death decision on pale gold or rose gold! In the end, pale gold won because I think I'd have more to go with it. Ahhhh! How much was the prices before the increase or did they not have one yet? $850 before/after tax?
  9. hehe snap! :biggrin: Yes the pale gold rose gold debate had me going for ages!! I like pale gold because in some lights it leans more silver or gold if that makes sense. I got my rockie for $795 and that's including taxes (we don't pay anything extra I think in Australia). I think the new season rockies are $850. I remember when rockies only used to be $695 wasn't it? Or I could have been dreaming :lol:

    Please let me know when yours arrives and tell me about the leather. Mine is super soft and out of shape but I don't know if that's the norm or not (I posted in the rockie thread about this).
  10. I saw that thread. I should be getting it end of this week. I live in the U.S. so had to pay taxes. It was $850 after everything. Not too bad I guess. I'm used to paying over $1000 for my LV's so trying something new. I've been wanting one for a while just never really took the leap and then when I finally decided I was gonna get it and You Only Live Once (hehe) I couldn't decide between pale or rose gold! Arghhh the madness! I'll def let you know. I'm so excited for it!
  11. hi everyone! *waves* I'm waiting on my very first Wang, sooo excited. I managed to snag the very last matte black Rocco w/iridescent studs from the Barneys sale, they had one left in the stock room at the Madison Avenue store in NYC. should be here in a few days, can't wait!
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    Congrats! Nice score!

    ETA: If by some crazy chance you decide you don't want the bag and are returning it will you please let me know? Thanks!
  13. I've been lurking in the AW forums for a while. But I'm happy to report that I just purchased my first AW bag! I went with something totally out of my norm! I got the Rockie in matte black with the iridescent studs!! It looks so stunning in photos I just had to have it! I've never seen a Rockie IRL so I hope I love it. I felt the Rocco in this hardware would have been too much for me. It should arrive Friday!

  14. I got my 1st Rocco a few weeks ago a matte iridescent too. I absolutely love the leather. Congrats hope you love it.
  15. Welcome! You are going to love your new Rocco. Can't wait to hear what you think.

    I :heart: my Rockie and I'm sure you will too! It is truly a stunning bag. The leather is going to knock your socks off.