Awaiting a Wang? Step into the AW waiting lounge!

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  1. I thought this could be a fun place to post about or expected arrivals.. Anyone currently waiting on a new AW bag? :graucho:
  2. Sadly I have no inbound Wang arrivals atm...but the Title of this thread made me laugh!:lol:
  3. also giggling like a twelve-year-old at the thread title :lol:
  4. Me too! Waiting for a forest!
  5. I was going to order a Brenda in Denim Suede, but ditched the idea and went with a Baby Rocco in Black/Black. Not sure if I'll be keeping it, though...
    I've noticed that Shopbop is putting up a lot of AWang bags today for sale prices (probably returns).
  6. :blush:
  7. ^ I'd like to know if the thread title was purposeful or purely accidental. My mind just immediately went there. :P :amuse: Oh, and no Wangs for me at the moment. LOL, that also sounded VERY, VERY wrong.
  8. ^ It was accidental. I thought "awaiting a wang" rolled off the tongue
  9. LMAO, I'm sure it won't be the last time we hear about it either. :lol: What a nice accident...I'd have to say it'll probably go down in the books as one of the most memorable thread titles to date. :greengrin:
  10. now that's funny...
  11. I am awaiting TWO. I couldn't decided between the mini in black or the luggage, so I bought both. My first AW handbag purchase. Haven't ever seen them IRL, in these colors, only the grey, so I am very excited. One comes tomorrow and the other next week.
  12. :lolots::roflmfao::lol:
  13. haha, normally i would have made that connection but somehow didn't this time.....

    anyway, great thread idea! :P
  14. i just got a really hot wang. it came in a box too...justine timberlake SNL anyone?? :lolots:
  15. I am! It's attached to my DH. :graucho:

    Seriously, no, not anymore but I could be in the near future. Especially if AW makes a navy Rocco. :faint: