Automatic or Battery movement?

  1. If you want to buy an expensive watch , do you mind if it is not automatic movement?

    I want to buy a watch today and I also carried cash with me today but I found both watches that I wanna choose to buy are all in battery movement so I went back home empty hand.

    Any opinion?

    Lately, 3 of my watches are out of batteries and I found out how expensive the changing batteries service was. It was list by brands. So disappointed. I left them dead as I still have other watches to use.

    Anyway, it seems to be like I prefer an automatic one but my problem is I rotate watch everyday so automaic one will absolutely stop moving. I have only one movement watchbox (and it is expensive so I don't wanna have another)

    Any opinion?
  2. I like automatics because I never remember when to have the batteries changed.

    I don't know how you keep them moving though if you don't wear them often..
  3. It really depends,some buy a watch for its looks primarily,while others buy because the movement plays a part in their choice,its a very individual thing so it would be quite wrong of me to push one more than the other,I prefer auto and wear a Rolex,but some of my freinds wear quartz Cartiers and love them just as much and really do not care about what you can't see! The cost of maintaining either should over a period of time equate as a similar outlay,I wrote a long bit on beware of Cartiers thread,have a read through that,I'm far too lazy to re-write it so I'll very lazily direct you there!XXX
  4. You can buy specialist watch winder boxes if you do a lot of watch swapping,as a watch maker once said to me its more harmful to an auto to let it stop for months on end than keeping it running for the same period of time,as the oils can become sludgy and autos do have more moving parts than a quartz so its a bit more important they are worn on a fairly regular basis,or invest in a watch winder,hope that helps you?xx

    Manufactures recommend between every three and five years for a service on an auto. XXXX
  5. I meant besides the winder boxes as Vicky said it was too expensive and she didn't want to buy another:yes:
  6. I prefer battery. They seem to last me about 5 yrs before it dies. It hasn't been expensive to change out the batteries. Its about $10 for my Tag.

    I have auto watches but I don't wear them as much because I hate to have to reset everytime.
  7. Oooo sorry,just re-read it! What an idiot,will teach me to read properly in future!!!! But apart from them I don't know of anything else,sorry, other than buying a watch winder that can hold a couple of watches,sometimes up to four,but that is not really an option I suppose as when you first start buying watches you never think about any future ones,I did'nt and now own two Rolexes, hubby and me bought a watch winder with three spaces in it,just in case we buy anymore watches as its more pricey buying winders individually,and now two of the spaces are filled,with an Oris and my other Rolex,never thought that would happen.
  8. i generally tend towards automatic or manual movements simply because it is in the end the substance what a watch is all about also i am fascinated by it.
    BUT this beeing said if i totally fall in love with a design of a watch (like with some cartiers) i buy it even if it is quartz.
  9. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I have some friends who wear quartz Cartiers and don't give a rats ass about the movement,they love its appearance!!! So I would say go with that,if it gives you that lovely warm tingle of totally luxe pleasure when you look at it and could see yourself loving to own it and wear it,go with that,I went for a Rolex,movement AND appearance for me,but I have to say I wish I cared a LOT less as my freinds wear beautiful watches and don't give a hoot beyond that,and if thats what moves you,buy and enjoy!!!XXXX
    And some of their watches are a lot more eyecatching,ladylike and prettier than mine!!!
  10. Automatic! Never have to worry about changing the batteries, it used to bug me so much with my previous watches.

  11. :yes::yes: Thanks Chaz.

    I bring my 2 Guccis and 1 Dior to change the batteries and you know the price is listed by brand

    Gucci 25 GBP
    Dior 18 GBP

    Back to HK, it only cost you just 2 GBP.

    Ridiculous and I found out it is the same type of battery and same brand.

    My watch cost only 700 GBP, 425 GBP and 460 GBP.

    It is not a reasonable price for me.

    If my watch cost me more than a thousand pound, I would be happy to pay for 25 but not for fashionable brand like Gucci or Dior.
  12. automatic
  13. I know,when I was in the trade that used to annoy me a lot,I think once your watch,if its a fashion brand is out of warranty,then you can go to most anywhere to have a new battery,and most likely they are'nt waterproof so they won't need to be re-sealed as you could'nt(or should'nt!)wear them in water,If your watch stops working,and its not the battery,then by all means send it back to the manufacturers for a service( a watch can require a service even when its been sent back to the manufacturer all its life to have its batteries changed,it happens sometimes) but you can save youself a lot of money on something routine like a battery change. I would stress however that I think this is a viable option on fashion brands only.Anything else Cartier etc,take it on the chin and accept the costs.Its worth the peace of mind!!XXXXXXXX
  14. I have an automatic watch and I realize that I prefer battery. I haven't been liking my bracelet lately so I don't wear it everyday, and when I wear it I see that the time is wrong and have to set it again.
  15. I have a Rolex, which is automatic, and a Cartier, which runs on a battery. Both have their advantages. If you don't wear the automatic for a couple of days, it stops and you have to reset it, but on the other hand, you don't have to keep getting new batteries for it either. So I like both, and actually, I'm glad I've got both.