Authenticate this LV?

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  1. hiya

    I have posted this bag on the authenticate thread and a few people think it is real. I have emailed the seller about the date code and more pics of it. I wanted a few more opinions as i really want to be sure as im just teen and $358 is quite alot for my allowance!!! its
    180215519656 louis vuitton papillon 26

    also is there anyway i can lighten the leather around the top of the straps as they are rather brown!

    Thanks, i really love it.:heart:

  2. i have but i wanted a few more opinions:smile:
  3. i only looked over it really quickly, but it looks real to me. i do think it's overpriced.
  4. think it looks good but the real experts are there...
    if you have additional questions ask addy john and lvbabydoll in the thread mentioned....they are more than eager to help us...
    Btw you can change the vachetta at any lv boutique and i'm sure it won't be expensive to do so...I'm afraid you can't clean it.
    Good luck
  5. Next time please use this thread

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.