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    This is a montblanc necklace that retails for $620 and this person is selling it for about $420. I'm interested in buying some jewelry from this person but I'm not sure as to where you can get these jewelry for so much cheaper and to the best of my knowledge, I find it very hard to find fakes of montblanc jewelry. This person says that they get their jewelry from a supplier that orders directly from montblanc and some of the things that I wanted would be backordered for 4-6 weeks. Does this person seem authentic? There is almost no negative feedback and I'm just worried because this is not a cheap decision.
  3. ^^ Agreed. That's a fake....I'm not liking the shape/chunkiness of the oval either...

    [hehe I, too, am not explaining very well.]
  4. IMO looks counterfeit. Lots of inconsistencies in the depth of the engraving. Just ask the seller if she'll provide a refund if you take it to a Tiff's and get it cleaned and they say it's not authentic, just to see what her reply is..
  5. Did anyone buy a watch from before? Their prices seem fabuluous, just wondering if they are selling real ESQ watches. I saw a watch that I like on their website. The same model is selling $250 on ewatches, while it was only $130 on Thanks.
  6. doees anyone know if the sites or charmclick sell authentic tiffany co jewelry? these sites claim they do and they look authentic? does anyone know sure sure?
  7. could someone please tell me if they know of reputable sellers of cartier and/or rolex watches on eBay? Or online stores that ship internationally?
    your help is much appreciated....
  8. Hi, I can't see how they can be, Tiffany jewellery is only available through their owns outlets, they are very definite about this, they only other way to get genuine pieces outside of the stores is second hand and be very very careful. HTH. :tup:
  9. I think the Rolex website has a page of licensed sellers--of course, I don't know if any of those are online. Check it out, though. Their site is really beautiful.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.