Authenticate This DIOR

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  1. Hi guys

    Can help me to authenticate this Lady Dior Mini
    16-BO-1100 with A under
    Many thanks,
    thumbn3ail.jpg thumbnai2l.jpg thumbn4ail.jpg thumbnail.jpg
  2. I believe this is fake
  3. Please see page 1 of this thread for photo requirements.
  4. Hello, I purchased this vintage Dior saddle bag from Fashionphile. I'm thinking of keeping it. The quality looks all great except the stitch of the label "Christian Dior Paris" is crooked and the "Made in Italy" embossed letters are so close to the top stitch, which is strange. Is that normal?

    Item name:
    CHRISTIAN DIOR Calfskin Embroidered Romantic Flowers Saddle Bag Brown
    Online reseller name:
    Direct URL link:
    christian-dior-calfskin-embroidered-romantic-flowers-saddle-bag-brown-23.jpg christian-dior-calfskin-embroidered-romantic-flowers-saddle-bag-brown-24.jpg christian-dior-calfskin-embroidered-romantic-flowers-saddle-bag-brown-00.jpg christian-dior-calfskin-embroidered-romantic-flowers-saddle-bag-brown-20.jpg christian-dior-calfskin-embroidered-romantic-flowers-saddle-bag-brown-25.jpg christian-dior-calfskin-embroidered-romantic-flowers-saddle-bag-brown-26.jpg
  5. Great day! Pls help me authenticate this dior. Thanks in advance.
    92FA8B23-EB26-4503-A644-1F4E980ABECB.jpeg E843D5EC-856B-4B4A-B4CD-E992D1971BC2.jpeg 0EFA4CA9-EFD1-404B-9502-0E1BB9B130D9.jpeg ABE38D4E-4892-46EF-B3C5-1DFF05D3C25C.jpeg 1C664DC1-7497-45BA-A314-C1FE8D6D2109.jpeg B9A4D169-6762-43D0-99A8-0A43EB956E0E.jpeg B4C3DB0C-9A67-402B-AB97-9B28B4BBACD9.jpeg 035D312D-6FF4-475F-9557-07027F7E0954.jpeg B0070196-66D8-4D0C-BE6B-C468FB8A2D49.jpeg 8F44AB98-C5B7-4DD9-B30E-CF017607CFCF.jpeg
  6. And also this. Thank you so much.❤️
    ED54AE70-26C0-48A0-B01A-5EC38661D124.jpeg 64AF35C6-4953-435D-AC80-B22849C0899B.jpeg 26625C0E-2F10-4C4D-AB40-238299E64869.jpeg 7994E0C8-00FB-4F66-AB03-F6E9781F6A87.jpeg CB4F2ECC-CF3B-4B6F-A519-01083CC904D5.jpeg C20FF152-135E-442E-B40D-11A839CF5C23.jpeg 748852C6-2FDE-421F-B4AA-E39A592DF344.jpeg 154D3B17-91D9-478A-A996-7F0487C99704.jpeg F0DB8A59-1405-4A04-9C9D-8B629820415B.jpeg CB567D0E-126B-4596-8A40-397A2BB4D0C7.jpeg
  7. I believe this is authentic
  8. I believe this is authentic
  9. I believe this is authentic
  10. Thank you so much for your time. It means a lot to me.
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  11. Hi can anyone help me authenticate this bag. Sorry I am new to this forum not sure how to start a thread. The bag looks legitimate except the lining which is the door monogram print. Is this from an older version of the bag or is this bag a fake please help thanks
  12. Please do not start a new thread for an authentication request. It is not necessary to post your request here and also as a new thread on the main forum.

    Please read page 1 of this thread for photo requirements. None of us can authenticate from just this picture alone.
  13. Hi please help me authenticate this bag! TIA pls: let me know if you any other photos thank you!!
    37EC0706-5188-4278-8BE6-7D580AE3CF2B.png A8667B9C-54A6-4BA2-96DB-A4E18FDB4673.png CEB028AF-61F9-428D-B9A3-6E137EFE06BD.png 343A4AA2-5238-46BA-BEFC-D7CCD16B8340.png D3A992FF-5143-4A72-AE2D-BE24FF456154.png