Authenticate This DIOR

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  1. You'll notice towards the top of the bag that the horizontal Cannage pattern lines up, but the farther down it goes, the more it looks uneven. The reason is because the sides are angled outwards, which changes how the Cannage pattern aligns. They aligned the top the most in this case. Imagine if the front panel was more and more slanted, to become almost horizontal. There is no way that the Cannage can even line up in that case with the side.

    The newer Lady Dior bags have resolved this problem.
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  2. Omg I love u
    thank u again my dear ❤️ I have this bag for 10 years now and I can’t sleep at night thinking about it
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  3. Hi again Averagejoe, I’m sorry to bother you again but I still couldn’t get over this bag, I saw the post of lady Dior vintage you recently replied about cannage stitching, I wonder if mine is similar case that the stitching doesn’t line up or stitched seamlessly. The reason I ask again because it tie up with refund issue. Thanks again.
  4. Hi Dior lovers & AJ, it's been awhile since I've posted but I was actually on the hunt for adding some fun new Lady Diors to my collection but I'm not as adept in authenticating myself newer models.

    I was hoping if you could please authenticate this for me.

    Item name: Christian Dior Lady Dior Medium in Black Patent with Silver Hardware
    Item number: 11352570430
    Seller ID: luxorder
    Direct URL link:
  5. We cannot authenticate without pictures. Please post pictures as per the requirements outlined in page 1 of this thread.
  6. I believe this is authentic
  7. Hello, please forgive me if this is posted incorrectly. I am looking for an expert opinion on the authenticity of this estate bag. The leather is in very nice condition. It is soft, as it should be. The hardware is very tarnished. It looks exactly like Cannage drawstring bags I see online. The question I have is regarding the label. It is only stitched along the top, which my understanding is that was used on early bags (90s). And the number on the back is difficult to read. It is embossed, but any ink color is gone. There is still faint ink in the letter impressions on the side with the name. From the look of the hardware, my guess is someone tried to clean the bag and got too aggressive with either water or detergent. It would explain the lack of ink on the label as well. The black signature lining is in very good condition. I have contacted two bag rehab businesses about replacing/restoring the hardware. I would like to verify it’s authenticity before having that done.
    DCA5666F-1DAE-41DF-A332-7E690BCC87D3.jpeg 4192BF03-170E-4D6B-AF93-EBE683C785C8.jpeg AAF8B890-AEAF-4293-AA19-056F83FDEE7D.jpeg
  8. I believe this is fake
  9. Hi ive had this bag for a few years i was just wondering if you could let me know if it’s authentic as when I brought it i was told it was
    DC07C443-18FB-4DBC-BCC0-B2802248DDA0.jpeg 3AD3604F-E83A-49FD-832E-4F1EF0D977BC.jpeg 1BA61AE1-4B37-407E-B047-5CA23E093B71.jpeg 8A7C0566-2503-4F8C-8DEE-316DD8BDAB6D.jpeg 238DC7EC-D622-4160-8BD3-B783ED55484B.jpeg 08AEB48D-6F54-4C65-B9FF-2FF2AC22CBEA.jpeg
  10. Please see page 1 of this thread for photo requirements. And please do not send me a PM with your request in the future. All authentication requests for Dior go in this thread.