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  1. Thanks a bunch Cat Lover!!! :flowers:

    I have already requested some more pictures. She said she'd send me some more pics.

    Im torn cos the seller is recommended by . Do you guys have any experience with those recommended by mypoupette then turned out to be fake?

    Thanks again Cat Lover, very much appreciated. :smile:
  2. Even though they have an authenticity card, I'm still suspicious because of the price. I'd ask for more pictures :yes:

    I don't speak French and I don't know much about the line, but the envelope for the authenticity card is wrong unless they changed it. Like I said though, I really can't be sure, so hopefully someone else can!

    To me, no, because the auth. card looks off and the price is low for that, but I'm not 100% sure. Hopefully it is if you already bought it!

    Np at all! :yes: I personally think Mypoupette is any guarantee that the seller does indeed have authentic items, because they really can't enforce it. However, it might be an indication that they're more likely to be selling authentics? I know there are some threads about MPRS in the LV forum if you look around.
  3. So is the authenticity cards the only thing that looks wrong on the large detective bag? I bought this as a used bag, that's why the price is low.:confused1:
  4. Hi!I'm not a specialist of this model,but I'm french,'so I'll try to translate:

    "beautiful purse from Christian Dior,Street Chic collection.Very good condition(interior/exterior)brown leather and blue jean fabric.Inside:black monogram canvas.Tha bag comes with its papers(guarantee,authenticity card,serial number:inside,under lhe leather label 16-MA-1012)
    Dimensions:30X15(quiet76"X38",one centimeter=2,54 inches)
    Its value was 1099euros(approx.1384$) on shop,stainless,no scratches."
    Q:"Do you guarantee the authenticity of your bag?Unfortunalely,I've bought a Dior Bag with papers in the past,it was a fake"
    A:"Yes I guarantee its authenticity(please read my feedbacks and take a look at my items)This bag has nothing on common with fakes"

    Hoping my translation isn't too bad and that it could help you.
  5. Sadly, the lining (not only is the lining supposed to be the tan and white logo lining with many flowers, this logo lining is completely off...jacquard employs two similar tones of color, not two drastically different ones like the ones in this lining), the stitching, the shape of the handles (they aren't rounded enough), and the frame closure...the oversized Detective should have a hard plastic frame and a narrow yet curvey piece of leather that flaps over this closure (and snaps onto a magnet) to keep it secure. Yours doesn't have any of these details.
  6. t's perfectly authentic. The envelope is not wrong because what you see in the picture is the back of the care booklet, which has the Christian Dior logo at the bottom. All the details check out with my own Street Chic bag.:yes:

  7. Can you guys show me what I should be looking for concerning the studs and the buckle?? I'm not sure!
  8. Eep, my bad for doubting it then :s I guess I should have brushed up on some French or something before taking a guess at the authenticity! Lol.
  9. Hihi, I was wondering if I could get an authenticity check on this bag - I'm not sure of the name of it. And my photos are bad yes, is there a particular part that would be useful for authenticating - I can take more photos. :yes:

    Anyways, here we go !





    Under the tag, it says Made in Italy, 03-BM-0025.
  10. Absolutely!

    Pay close attention to the two studs directly beneath the belt buckle that says Dior...

    They are RIGHT below the Dior logo. You won't miss them.

    Now here's the real one...


    On the fake, the two studs are not placed directly beneath the belt buckle because of poor craftsmanship. On the real one, the two studs are concealed by the belt buckle because of the time that was put into manufacturing the bag.

    BUT, in SOME angles (like from below and above the bag) you can see the two studs because they're actually supposed to be there. Look at this Eluxury photo:
    Do you see a hint of the two studs right below the Dior logo? You should be able to see them from this angle because you're looking under the belt buckle.

    Now the location of these studs only concern the Dior Gaucho tote and medium flap bag. The double saddle is constructed differently and the two studs are directly concealed by the arch (the big curved part) of the belt buckle. On some fakes you can see these studs too carefully:

    (see the studs right below the arch of the buckle?)


    I really hope this helps! Remember, quite a few fakes get the studs correct...but they have a lot of other details (or lack of) that give them away! Watch out for the authenticity card (should not have plastic wrap on it and/or should not have gold lettering), the Christian Dior paper tag (it should be attached with white string instead of plastic or black string), the lambskin links (they need to look a bit dirty on the spring Gauchos, and not plasticky nor orange nor light beige), the Dior logo (if the "D" looks like it doesn't belong with the "ior" - i.e. the spacing is a bit off - you're looking at a fake), the texture of the leather (you can see in some lightings...washed leather gauchos should not have a bumpy grained surface), the color (especially for the white's "off-white" ivory...not bleached white like some fakes), and Dior's face on the coin (his face is NOT smooth...look for clearly visible lines in his face...if his cheeks are smooth the bag is fake).

    I hope this helps!!!
  11. The pictures are a bit too blurry to tell for sure, but it does look authentic. The inside tag looks real even though the pictures are so blurry, and the Dior logo on the metal plaque looks accurate. Even the font on the reverse of the inside leather tag looks accurate.

    Especially for older models like this bag, authentic ones look remarkably different on the inside than fakes. That's why I am almost 100% certain your bag is real.
  12. Spanks !!

    Sorry for shaky hands, can you tell I'm excited ?! ;)
  13. does anyone know if there is any specific marking i should look for when looking for an authentic dior saddle bag??? or if anyone is an expert please PM me...Thanks!
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