Authenticate This! DIOR

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  1. This thread is now continued here. Please refer all questions on Dior authenticity to the new thread. Thanks!
  2. should ask them to take pic of the inside label and underneath
  3. Looks pretty good to me :smile:
  4. Thank you! :tender:
  5. Finally, a Dior "Authenticate" thread!:yahoo:
  6. Can anyone please tell me if this looks good:


  7. It's very hard to see, is it from ebay? Send the link.

    Need more detail on the hardware. Usually the bag doesn't come with the straps tied and the hardware wrapped.

  8. Dear Gaucho Owners & Fans,

    Can I assume that the gauchos on ebay that are selling for less than $900 USD are fake? Is there some gaucho-guide somewhere you could point me to? PM me if you wish.

  9. Thanks; that's the conclusion I came to as well! :smile: Is there an authenticity guide anywhere for Dior gaucho items (including wallets)?
  10. yikes^ i would say that bag is probably fake. the seller has 0 feedback and there's only one picture. please dont bid! anyone else?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.