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  1. Hello all!

    Could you please tell me what you think of this bag - authentic or not? authentique sac a main christian dior "street chic" (objet 120029066079 Fin: 17-sept.-06 19:08:46 CEST)

    For Crazybagbroad: at first sight, I would have told you it's a real one. BUT, since I have the same bag - authentic 100% as I bought it from a Dior shop directly - I think it is a fake (a good one though). Here's why:

    1. stiching are a bit too pale, mine are more brownish
    2. label inside the bag must be completely stiched, not only the top of the label, plus the "Paris" writting must be smaller, and not the same size as "Dior" and "made in Italy"
    3. the small stiches are black on this bag, they should be brow/orange - all of them

    Hope it helps! ;)
  2. eBay: NEW! Authentic CHRISTIAN DIOR GAUCHO Double saddle Bag (item 220026027058 end time Sep-15-06 19:40:24 PDT)

    I know the price was low on this, but I think people didn't look at the auction because the thumbnail looked like a stock photo.

    The bag checks out for me and another PF gaucho owner, but I wanted to see if anyone else thought it might have an inconsistency I hadn't noticed.

    The seller seems to have some bad feedback concerning shipping, so I'm going to call them today and make sure they don't mess up MY delivery ;)

  3. It's not a double saddle but a single and an awful fake.
  4. ^ I know it's not a double saddle, people who are in the resale business get listing titles wrong all the time.
    Why do you think it's an "awful" fake?
    I have seen MANY fake gaucho's and this doesn't even compare to the awful fakes out there...if you could be specific and show me what makes you believe this it would be helpful, as I've already had 3 people say it's good.

    I totally appreciate your input.
  5. Hi anilouann,

    I don't mean to sound mean but the saddle bag is actually authentic. Every detail looks exactly like that on the real bag. And although this seller has bad feedback, I've seen them sell countless authentic Dior bags.

    I say it's real for sure. I didn't buy it because I already have a Gaucho and this seller seems to take forever shipping something (according to his feedback).

    I hope I didn't offend you.

  6. Thank you so much.
    It looked perfect to me, but I needed to get another opinion from someone who hopefully owned the red, as both PF'ers (:love: ) who helped me with this bag only have white and khaki bags.

    The seller seems to have shipping issues, but lucky for me they have a phone number and have been easy to contact that way!!
    I'll be on their tails :ninja: about the shipping.
  7. Thanks for pointing out "why" it's fake, MayDay! :smile: That's too bad, I was hoping it's the real deal...:sad:
  8. ^^^ I saw that one too, it looks pretty, too bad it's fake :sad:
  9. Hi winona77, yeah, that's a pretty bag! :smile: But I wasn't going to bid on it. I bought a Dior Bag just like the one in the auction, but with a different Limited Edition No. on it. I thought if the bag in the auction is authentic, mine will be too, because it looks "exactly" the same!

    However, now that I think about it, it's best that I take some pictures of my bag and ask for authentication. This way, there won't be any mistakes! I'll try to take some pictures and post them here soon! I'm hoping mine is authentic because I paid a lot more than the one in the auction...
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