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  1. Do you have other photos(of the medal,,how is the pocket inside the firt saddle)?It seems to be good,but impossible to judge the quality of the leather...that's your job:smile: !Where did you bought it?
  2. Hi it looks authentic. where did you buy it from and what paper work came with it. The strap does go right under the saddle and it has poppers on it which is how an authentic saddle should be but it depends on also how much you paid for it and where you got it from. If from eBay whats the sellers name.
  3. Here is the link:

    eBay: AUTH DIOR LARGE DOUBLE GAUCHO IN CHERRY (item 330024930889 end time Sep-10-06 18:36:52 PDT)

    I don't like how the seller used the line "The real Mccoy...have got a receipt to prove it". This line was directly stolen from another eBay seller who recently sold an authentic cherry coloured double saddle. And check out the price. It's a little unbelieveable considering the condition of the bag. Yes many of the details are correct, but I've seen these details on two fakes from Hong Kong before. The HK seller's bags looked so real until I saw the inside leather flap with the Dior logo.

    Unless more close up pictures are posted this bag is not worth bidding on, unless carrying a well-made fake if your cup of tea (still, you can go to New York to buy these fakes for around $30-$50 off the streets).
  4. The companies (LV, Dior, etc.) calculate their losses annually by multiplying the number of fake bags sold under their label by the actual retail value of the bag. I never agreed with that because I really do believe that a woman who pays $90 for a fake will not pay $1600 for a real one, but here is an example of where those companies do make a valid argument:

    eBay: CHRISTIAN DIOR GAUCHO SADDLE BLACK TOTE BAG (item 250026761873 end time Sep-10-06 10:30:00 PDT)

    This Gaucho is fake, and sold for over $1100 USD. For a few hundred dollars more and the buyer can buy the real one. Some Dior boutiques are offering sales on all handbags, so this price may actually get the buyer a real black Gaucho, so here is where Dior may have lost $1100 of its income.

    This is just something I find upsetting. Dior pays for all the designing and advertising, and the counterfeiter gets money. This is just not fair (not only for Dior, but also for the buyers who practically get their money stolen from them beacuse they never actually agreed to pay for fake bags at that price).
  5. Thanks so much guys, i price did thow me off a bit, im not sure if im going to get it or not much thanks so much anyway
  6. Be carefull:a real for such a price,it's not possible.Somme sellers show photos from a real bag but they send an awfull fake!
  7. Ew that's not even a good fake! The authenticity card is wrong :yucky: It upsets me a lot when counterfeiters screw the company over by faking their bag, but in a way it also upsets me when people don't make sure the bag is real before bidding over $1000 on it! They can always find an authentic one and compare or come to a place like tPF. Not that I blame that person completely because I do feel bad for them, but it's just frustrating that he/she didn't do their research and is losing that much money.
  8. Hi Does anybody know of any ebayers that sell authentic Gaucho bags?

    Terrified of buying one - there are so many fakes. Does anybody know what to look out for?

  9. It's fake :sad:

    Honestly, I don't know what to tell you to do, because the seller never guarantees its authenticity, nor does he/she even say that it is authentic, and their return policy states that the item must be returned within 3 days.

    I guess you can message them and try to work something out, but it's doubtful they will be cooperative. Maybe try asking for advice in the eBay forum now that we know it's fake?

    Best of luck!
  10. Aww i guess thats what i get for trying to get dior on ebay. Thank you for your help.
  11. Sorry NatC,Catlover is absolutely right:it's a fake:no doubt.
  12. You can threaten to put a follow-up to the feedback you left the seller saying that the bag is fake unless the seller gives you a refund.

    Cat Lover's advice is better than the seller and then Ebay. You can approach the seller as if he/she wasn't aware that the bag he/she sold you was fake (so that the seller doesn't get all defensive and nasty with you).

    You can actually report this to the police or the website that allows you to report internet fraud. Although the sale amount is less than $1000 (they need the sale amount to be over $1000 to warrant investigation), the seller still committed fraud (it's fraud to sell fakes in general so even if the seller didn't claim the bag was authentic, he/she is still breaking the law). You can also threaten the seller with this if you want.
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