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  1. Pictures would help but it definitely sounds fake. The 10124 number is a valid Coach-style serial number and it should be INSIDE the bag when the C pattern is on the outside, but I've seen plenty of fakes where the whole design of the bag is wrong. Yours sounds like one of those fake Signature Stripe Totes.

    The number you say is on the inside is a complete fake and would never have been used by Coach, but I've seen a lot of fake bags with similar numbers.

    If you bought it off someone on Craigslist, I hope you didn't pay cash for it. There may still be a chance that you can get your money back if it's a recent purchase and if you used Paypal or a credit card.
  2. Originally Posted by Hyacinth [​IMG]
    There's also a post about this seller's Coach listings at eBay's Shoes & Purses Forum:

    I reported the re-list. Hopefully others will report the details on the other fakes since I'm not familiar with most of them and don't have photos of the genuine bags in my file to compare the fakes to.
  3. I'm not seeing any red flags with the Carlys, and the Registration Card is a prop that s/he's using in almost all the photos. Those two at least might be real.
  4. I took this coach bag to the coach store after buying it from an individual and they said it was a authentic coach bag. They said it was retailed at 598.00. Someone told me that all coach purses have YKK on the zipper. Is this true? Please let me know if this is real I really need to know the pictures are on my profile.
  5. I'm sorry, that is fake. I hope you paid with paypal or a credit card so you can file a claim to get your money back.

    In regards to YKK, real and fake may have them. Real Coach bags also may not have YKK. It varies.
  6. ^^^ and any Coach store employee who is authenticating bags (especially obvious fakes) should really be brought to management's attention. AFAIK, employess are explicitly advised not to perform authentication instore. They are supposed to send the bag off to JAX for this to be done. Which store did you have this authenticated at?
  7. When I got my bag, i checked the zippers right away. I didn't see the YKK. A while back I checked it again and saw it. You should check the zipper very carefully at all angles. I took my a twice over to see it.
  8. The serial number you gave, No. C06K-10124 is for a reversible signature stripe tote. It sounds as though the "coin bag" you are referring to is the inside pocket, but the bag is reversible so the pocket with creed is on the outside. Does it look like this? You really need to post pictures, though because that's a style that was faked pretty well and there are small details that the counterfeiters didn't get right. As for the other number you gave, YE-06-1982, I'm not sure where that came from or what it means.
  9. The brand of zipper used does NOT indicate authenticity or un-authenticity.

    Fakes sometimes use YKK zippers.

    Authentic Coach may or may not use YKK zippers.

    IMO, zippers are probably one of the last details I'd look at to determine authenticity.
  10. Once again - whether or not the zipper says YKK doesn't mean a bloody thing - WHY does everyone seem to think that no one else can buy - OR FAKE - YKK zippers???
  11. That's a nasty fake - BOTH halves of the serial number are completely wrong. And there are other problems too.

    Contact the seller, tell her the bag has been verified Counterfeit, and insist on a full refund. Tell her if she wants it back she's also responsible for paying the return shipping and the extra cost for signature delivery confirmation.

    And after this, please remember to ask for authentication BEFORE you bid. And never never NEVER bid on anything that doesn't have a good clear photo of the creed patch!
  12. Originally Posted by BeenBurned [​IMG]
    This seller is back!! Most of the listings have a registration card. And one of the current items (relisted after the last removal) is back.

    At least two of the others are proveable fakes though - those of you who keep your own "Do not buy from..." lists may want to add " tykaem " to them.
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