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  1. This thread has now been continued here. Please refer all questions on Coach authenticity to the new thread. Thanks!
  2. What do you think of this? It is Coach style 1808-large calfskin pocket satchel-no longer on their website.

    Seller says she bought it a week ago at Macy's-showed me a receipt-what do you think? I really love the bag!

    I think it's real-but, wanted to check with the experts first.
    front_coach.jpg back_coach.jpg side_coach.jpg inside_coach.jpg insidedetail_coach.jpg
  3. the bag looks authentic to me, however it does appear to be used, i would call the outlets and see if they have any 1st (might be in better condition) that bag was in store early fall 2006 and i dont remeber my store having it in that color but i could be wrong (some bags/colors are dept store only) but macys should not have that bag anymore unless it was returned by someone. what is the link for the bag?
  4. I think thats a PF members auction and if so then yes I believe it is authentic!
  5. the bag looks real. I don't recall the outlets getting the all leather styles but maybe you can call.

    Also I don't think it looks used, just may be lighting.
  6. Well-I called Coach themselves and they said this style was from Fall '05-but, they did it bring it back for pre Spring '06. Oh-and this color is called "saddle". It being in a store is entirely possible-plus-I don't doubt that it came from macy's a week ago because I saw the receipt.

    Also-they do have it in stock-but it is going for $598! thanks for your help ladies-this bag is going to be mine! :biggrin:
  7. YAY! So happy for you Nishi, enjoy. Man, I love all leather bags.
  8. On the first one it looks like they stretched the photo when they resized it, rather than cropping it, and it makes the bag look tall. The C's look kind of funny as a result. Or, it could have been overstuffed and now it's lost its "slouch."
    the second one looks fake. I don't remember seeing that pocket satchel with the "graphic signature" large C's, but maybe I just missed it. I also don't like the "soft" focus of those pictures, like they smeared the lens with vaseline. makes it hard to note details, which sounds sort of fishy, right? Something's cheesy about the edges of the leather trim, too. I'd stay away from that one.
  9. Thank you so much kezza!

    [edit] I just asked a member for pictures of their gallery satchel and hers was made with the large C's. Now I am confused, this is why I hate looking on eBay, it is just not worth the confusion :[
  10. I think the first one is a fake and the second one is real. I only buy off ebay if I know for sure it's real. I own this bag in 4 styles... not the c's but in leather, suede, pink and acid green from last year and the detailing looks good on the second one...not the first. i looked at the auctions and I would bid on the second not the first one. just my thoughts.
  11. Thank you sndc99! The second one is such a good deal it's crazy! I dont think I will be bidding on either seeing as I'm getting mixed opinions X_x
  12. Nishi,

    The leather satchel is a go--I believe it to be real, plus I own one, and it looks just like mine. The color is gorgeous, I have the bag in saddle, and the bag in black (leathers).
  13. Looks good but I would never buy a expensive purse from a person with only 6 on their feedback. I wouldn't feel right about it. I like to see a higher feedback and that is only a personal thing. It's up to you. But since you have never bought off ebay and I have as well as sell I just want you to be careful and buying from someone with a high % and alot of feedback on Coach or whatever item you want really helps. If you need anything else let me know.
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