Authenticate This Balenciaga

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  1. Nicole, Earth, Fashion_Junky:

    I did not see the notches in the rivets w/ the seller's photos either. It is possible the photos were so poor that the notches did not appear (as in Slush's Black Day bag a few pages back).

    No, ebay did not remove the listing because it was a zero feedback seller. Ebay removed the listing because they received reports it was a counterfeit bag.

    In defense of reporting this bag, the seller did have an obvious fake bag listed in addition to this one and the seller misrepresented it by claiming it was an 04 Turquoise. If she relists, hopefully she will post clear close up photos so we can see if the fonts on the tag are correct and there are notches in the rivets.
  2. That is the "other" Balenciaga - the one that has rights to the name (somehow there was a split in the company and they sold the rights to the name or something - correct me if I am wrong here) but sells cheaper/lesser line of goods sold in Asia, etc. The "BB" logo is the tip off. These are not the B bags people are collecting here!!
  3. I'm not really familiar w/ the box style, but the fonts don't look right on the tag.
    Anyone else??

  4. Hi - Sorry if these have been discussed already. I have been searching but the baby is crying and I am running out of time. Could anyone please advise on these? I am new to Bbags and know that I have alot of research to do. But any help would be very greatly appreciated. I never buy from ebay anymore (too scared of fakes), but I love the broken in look of these bags so may make an exception if I hear good news.
  5. 1) authentic IMO...wait for the experts to chime in though

    2) ask for more pics of the silver tag and back of leather tag

    3) authentic IMO, I think this has been authenticated earlier but wait for more people to chime in! Good luck!

  6. Awww a baby........

    1. Authentic
    2. Not enough photos to tell. Ask seller for clear close up photos of the tag front and back, hardware etc.
    3. Authentic. Rare and will probably sell for big $$$$$$$$$

    Good luck!

    Ooops Kat and I posted at the same time........
    Well now there are two opinions!
  7. Thanks so much for the response! The want has already passed anyway, I'll keep the $ towards a second Day, preferably red!
  8. Thanks Kat and Gro3602. You are wonderful. I have asked for some more pics for item #2. We'll see how forthcoming the seller is and I will post if I hear anything. Interesting about the 3rd item. As I am not a collector I will stay away. You saved me today. Thanks so much.
  9. You are welcome:smile:



  10. THANKS HEAPS LADIES!:flowers::flowers:
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