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  2. #1 - Authentic
    #2 - Authentic

    These two bags are from a well-respected seller of authentic Balenciaga

    #3 - looks good, BUT, ask for a clear shot of the front and bag of the silver tag, the rivets and the bales. You might also ask if they still have the tags, extra tassels (and maybe dustbag??) I have a bit of an issue with this seller as I have written them twice with questions about a bag and have never gotten an answer. That for me is a no-no, but perhaps someone else has had a different experience.

    Good luck! :yes:
  3. just thanking powder and nicole from the previous closed thread. thanks for your help ladies.
  4. what do you think of this b-bag?
    eBay item #110200436163

    i got my b-bags either at Barneys or the b-stores so i am not that good at ebay. but this one is too good to pass.

    thanks in advance.
  5. 1) authentic plomb flat messenger
    2) authentic blue flat messenger

    as MAGGIEN said, this seller is well respected and i have bought many gorgeous bags from her as well :tup:

    3) authentic 06 city - i do not know what color this bag is. it could be blueberry, i really don't think it's ink, but the pics are not the best. unlike MAGG's experience, i have had great communication from this seller - keep trying! the bag is authentic and from my experience, the seller is very accomodating to requests.

    good luck :tup:
  6. you are very welcome!! :flowers:
  7. this looks like an authentic pony shoulder - i would get a clear pic of the back of tag and a better pic of the clip that reads BALENCIAGA on it before bidding/buying. i know the price makes it look like a steal, but NOT if it's a fake.
  8. thanks nicole2730!=)
  9. nicole,

    i asked for more pictures from the seller and she wrote back, pls see below..

    The bag is packed up and ready to ship to the lucky was purchased at Nieman Marcus and will have a gift reciept

    should i trust her?? or the deal is fishy...

  10. Thank you so much maggien and nicole
  11. hmm, that is a judgement call - if they have the gift receipt, which would be for full price, wouldnt' they just return it themselves??? personally, i would pass. i don't have any experience with this seller - if i knew them or had bought from them before, i wouldn't have a problem. but their response to you is fishy, in my opinion. maybe someone else has experience with this seller?????
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