Authentic Jimmy Choo Finds: reputable retailers, e-tailers boutiques, outlets or eBay

  1. Yeah that's what I thought, all the features look real (thats why I posted here) but I wasn't sure if the name she listed was right that's why I didn't write the name only the starting price in case :shrugs:, but the seller has listed a few REAl Jimmy choo in the past as I was watching one, it could be a spelling error or the seller might not know much about the names of the JC bags, well thanks Lionlaw & YYZ for clearing it for us :tup:!
  2. Thanks Jmcadon! I realized I posted in the wrong thread, I meant to put in the authenticate this. But I appreciate you sharing your knowledge.
  3. Bloomingdales, San Francisco, CA has some Jimmy Choo handbags on sale for 50% off. They have two Ramonas, one in eel and the other in drummed leather (mink). I spoke with Eric - (415) 856 - 5300. He also, mentioned that they had about 25 -30 bags on sale, but I don't know all the styles. I only asked about Ramonas. The Jimmy Choo dept is considered a "leased" dept, so it is not eligible for the additional 15% off.