Authentic Jimmy Choo Finds: reputable retailers, e-tailers boutiques, outlets or eBay

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  1. This is for posting your Authentic Jimmy Choo finds...a "would if I could" thread. Post information, links and/or pictures of great finds of authentic Jimmy Choo bags or shoes. You may not, however, post links to or promote items you are selling.
  2. Anyone knows how big that Orange leather hand bag is?? I might just have missed the dimensions on the page? say compared to a Mahala?
  3. The purple one is mine. I can't raise the buyer potection until I have 50+ positive feedback. I've only sold Bruce Springsteen tickets until now! I'm so lost:sad: Why is it all those fakes sell and yet the authentic ones don't?
  4. What kind of leather is on the Rianne? Is it Nappa? It looks thicker than the regular Calf leather..
  5. The Rianne has some very soft calf leather and it did seem to be a bit thicker than my other non exotic or patent leather bags. It is a wonderful bag!