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  1. Hello to all Jimmy Choo fans,

    I was just at Nordstroms Walnut Creek, and all the Jimmy Choo handbags are on presale for 40% off. Liz, who is the handbag design specialist, was of great help.
  2. I'm getting a little frustrated with eBay.. Why is it that when I do a search for Jimmy Choo bags, it does not show the Listings from our Reputable Sellers? Are there any limitations/rules on some specific listings?
  3. I just bought a black Ramona with snakeskin trim from the Las Vegas Jimmy Choo in the Forum Shops it was on sale for 1295.00 (30% off) no tax and free shipping. They have a navy Rikki also for 1086.00. Call and ask for Ken he was very nice and helpful.
  4. Got a call saying the Black Ramona with snakeskin trim wasnt on sale but the black drummed leather one will be.
  5. Earlier today, the Natick Nordstrom store still had 2 black Ramonas available for 40% off (both gorgeous, one with slightly shinier glazed leather and the other with soft smooth leather).
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    Actually, this looks like a real Jimmy Choo to me. Just not the Ramona. This looks like some smaller version of the radiant to me.

    UPDATE-- I think this is called the Rock. It is the smaller version of the radiant. It is an old style. The interior mole skin color looks a little off, so I would want to verify that, but I am thinking this is real.
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    I'm certainly not a qualified expert on Jimmy Choo bags and I'm sure you know better than me, but she has it listed as an "Authentic Romano"! Romano is cheese! I don't think it's a typo because she keeps repeating the misspelling! Unless I am mistake, I don't believe there is a Choo Romano?!?!

    If the Radiant is the newest set of smaller bags out, (the smaller sisters of Riki and Ramona) then this is a fake, cause there isn't anything smaller than the Radiant. Those just came out this month....:nuts:

    Sorry, just looked the new, smaller bags are called the "Roquette".
  8. I agree her spelling is horrible and she clearly does not know what this bag is, but it is an old style so maybe it is just careless error.

    I could be totally wrong, but the rest of the features check out as a real Rock to me.

  9. Lionlaw is correct on this one.
    That is a Jimmy Choo Rock.
    Here is a few links to one that is still on sale in a store.

    Also the fakes of this DID NOT LOOK at all like this one on Ebay, here picture of a fake one made by a Jimmy Foo company.:cursing:
    Note that I will never post a link to one of these websites due to th fact that what they sell is totally Criminal & Illegal .:cursing:
    I'm only using this picture for a reference!
    JC fake Rock.jpg

    Sorry photmj, that one from Ebay does look very Real.:tup::tup::tup: