ATTENTION Pebbled leather owners!!! How easy is the care for this bag????

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  1. gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yeah, I've heard of other rehabbers on the board using it so you should be fine... if they use it on oil slick animals then it's good for leather!
  3. Thanks so much, Bunny! I want Dawn in my house just in case I get something on my purse! LOL I hope that sand colored pebbled leather is easy to care for!
  4. I realize this is an old thread, but I am new to TPF. I recently bought my first Coach Rogue 25 with pebbled leather in a gorgeous primrose color. I had wanted one for a long time and got one at half price on the online winter sale. I was so excited and decided to apple garde it, given all the rave reviews I had read about the product and my fear of anything happening to my new bag. I don't know why I did this. I live in SoCal where it never rains. Long story short, the apple garde did smooth out the pebbles on parts of the bag, and it left a horrible plastic feeling and sheen on the pebbled leather. I am so sad. The luscious feeling of the leather was my favorite part of the bag, and now it feels like cheap plastic. I just wiped it down with a soft wet cloth to see if that might remove some of the sheen, but I don't want to ruin it more. Wish I had seen this thread beforehand. I am just posting now to warn anyone else.
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  5. That sounds like a nightmare. When coach wont sell you a product to clean/condition your bag chances are they are 9 times out of ten correct (with the exception of not protecting their suede). Take this issue to the coach rehab forum/thread and show them photos they may be able to help you reduce some of the damage or get it to a more usable state.
  6. Thanks! I'm feeling better about it today :smile:. I took the bag out for its first outing, and it looks fine. I am the only one that will notice that the texture has changed. It's a little sad because the leather on the Rogue bags is so luscious, and I really loved that. The bright side is that now I can take it everywhere without stressing. What is done is done, and I am going to love the bag regardless. Just want to warn anyone else that might do a search on using products on pebbled leather to be very careful. I didn't even know that the pebbling could smooth out!
  7. I sprayed Apple Garde on my new Dusty Rogue bag that I just received on Tuesday. I needed to do it as this one has suede sides and i wanted to protect that. I do not notice any difference to the look or texture of the pebble leather. Maybe I just got lucky?
  8. That's good to hear! Your Rogue sounds gorgeous. It may have to do with the porosity of the particular piece of leather since mine was affected differently on different parts. I would recommend that people be very careful. I tested the spay on a key fob, but that is smooth leather. In retrospect, I should have tested the bottom of the bag which is pebbled leather, and made sure that I was happy with the look and feel before spraying the whole bag. My Rogue still looks great, though, I am the only one that will ever notice.
  9. Oh I love my Rogue thank you! I’m so sorry the spray didn’t work out for you! I did also spray the pebble leather of the bag and I didn’t notice much difference to the look or feel of the bag. Maybe the dusty rose is more forgiving?

    Hopefully it will wipe off clean for you!
  10. I have to admit, I am one of those people who don't treat any of their bags..... And my Coach pebble leather bags (I have a few duffles and a Rogue, a few Totes) are the ones which never show any signs of wear and tear-even though I carried them through rain and snow, tucked them under the seat in the airplane, etc.... The SA at Coach told me once they were already treated, so I just used them as I bought them.
  11. I don't treat any of my Coach bags and I've never had a problem. I don't own any suede but I have glovetanned leather and pebbled (Rogues). I've never had any issues with rain or weather. I don't take them out if it's really coming down, but they've all gotten wet.
    I do spray my LV vachetta with Apple Guard with no problems. But Coach leathers are treated and I've found them reasonably care free. I also live in New England and we do get bad weather.
  12. I've posted photos of the damage to another forum here:
    Now that I know, I will never treat a Coach bag again. At least I got it through the winter sale half-priced. The lesson learned is that if a bag is so pricey that you are too stressed to use it, then you should not get it. These things are meant to be used and enjoyed. I was so worried about getting a mark or scratch on my new bag that I ended up damaging it trying to protect it... :sad:
  13. First I’m so sorry you feel like you messed up your bag! It is a beautiful bag even if she has a flatter side

    My first rogue is Ivy color in the regular size. The backside pebbled leather grain is much much flatter and smoother than the front side. I didn’t notice it for maybe the first week because I was so excited about it. It bothered me for a bit (I actually flipped the hang tag and fob around to the other side because it was technically the front that had flatter grain but now it’s the back). It looks kind of similar to yours in texture. But now my Ivy is my absolute favorite bag and I love all of her defects! I think eventually you won’t even notice the difference with yours!

    I only bring this up because is it possible the back was always flatter and you never noticed? You mention it feels different and my “flat” side also feels a bit different than any of my other Rogues (I own a bunch now ). I no longer treat my bags with spray but I have treated many leather items over the years with apple products and never had an issue. I don’t want you to think I’m discrediting you, please don’t think that at all I just don’t want you to feel like you “ruined” your bag if there is a possibility it arrived to you like that. Also a few ladies in the Rogue thread have recently received Rogues in the Ruby color that had a totally flat and dry looking grain to them. It looked nothing like pebbled leather even though they are definitely supposed to be pebbled grain.

    Just something to think about
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  14. Yes, I totally agree. The bag is still gorgeous and is far from ruined. I am the only one that will ever notice, and I am choosing to view it as part of the bag's story and something that makes it uniquely mine :cool:. It is possible that the pebble was always smoother on that side. When I first got it I looked at both sides to see which side I wanted to be the "front" and I didn't notice any difference in grain between them, but I was so happy with my new bag that I very well might have overlooked any difference. Anyways, thanks for the support! I do love my bag. It is my first Rogue, and I just love the size and shape and functionality - the 25 is perfect for me. I am sure it will not be my last :nuts:
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  15. What color is it? It looks really pretty I have a dusty rose rogue (I used yesterday) and I just love Coach pinks!

    I’m glad that you still love it Careful they’re addicting I’m so attached to my Ivy I can’t imagine ever giving her up!