ATTENTION Pebbled leather owners!!! How easy is the care for this bag????

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  1. Just came home with a beautiful Hamptons leather carryall in sand pebbled leather and I have never owned a pebbled leather purse before! I was hoping someone could help me with the care of it. Can I use Apple Leather care on pebbled leather or some kind of protectant spray? Any info anyone can give me would be so greatly appreciated!!!!! I am saving this baby for the warmer months (May/June) and cant wait to use her!!!!

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  2. Pebbled leather is very easy to care for and does not scratch easily. I have never used a protectant on any of mine and have had no problems just taking a damp cloth to wipe it. I don't know what the Apple leather care would do to it? Hopefully someone on this forum can answer that part of your question.
  3. I have never and it's not advised by Coach to use anything on the pebbled leather. I have never needed to. I know some have here and if you do a search you should be able to find. I find pebbled leather the best it's super duper easy to care for and it holds up great.
  4. I use Apple conditioner on mine. I have 2 pebbled leather bags and I carry them the most....they can take a beating and still look pristine
  5. Thanks, granny!!!! This is SO good to hear! I do not have any time to baby my bags and I really wanted a nice lightweight leather!!!!
  6. I am SO glad pebbled leather is easy to care for! I wasnt sure b/c it's a different type of leather for me....I am used to smooth leather!
  7. WONDERFUL!!!!!! Do you apply apple the same way on the pebbled leather or a different way to avoid taking out the pebbles? I use a white rag and rub in a circular motion until the apple disappears. Thanks SO much for you help!!!! I am glad they can take a beating!!!!! I think I am going to LOVE this leather!!!!!
  8. I have used Apple conditioner and Rain Garde on ALL my bags including pebbled leather and it does wonders for the sheen and the softness of pebbled leather. Once you apply the conditioner, let it dry completely or do what I do, apply it with your hands and work it into the leather and then buff it with a soft white cloth. I use an old baby diaper. Good luck!
  9. Thanks!!!! I was afraid I would "rub" the pebbled out or something and that is why I asked!!!! LOL What is rain garde? Do you use this before or after the Apple and have you used it on your pebbled leather bags?
  10. i dont have a pebbled leather coach bag, but i have other bags that are pebbled, and i think they are super durable and can withstand just about anything. they dont scratch and ive never used a leather protectant on them. and ive probably been incredibly tough on them, and they still look barely used! enjoy your bag, congrats!
  11. Gardé Rain and Stain Repellent is an Apple product and it does exactly what its name says, it guards leather from rain or any liquid. It is an oil based spray that soaks into the leather without leaving a residue and makes water bead off your bags. It even protects cloth bags from salt stains. Magic in a can! I know that there are TPFers that don't recommend it for certain bags, but I have used both Apple products even on my exotics and I swear by them!
  12. I feel pebbled leather is the easiest to take care of (almost like don't need to care about it at all) since they are fairly thick. The smooth leather are a bit harder, followed by croc/textured/metallic. Patent ones depends.
  13. I used Apple Conditioner on all my pebbled leather bags, and they look good...
  14. I have heard that leather conditioner is not recommended for some pebbled leathers because it can smooth out the pebbling. I think it might depend on how hard/soft the leather is, but I am not sure.
  15. I feel like a slouch for not using any special products to care for my bags. Nonetheless, my bags are surviving quite well, especially my Hamptons flap in walnut. The pebbled leather is so sturdy, that I consider that bag my workhorse: no problems with it yet, and I've been using her for many months now!