ATTENTION Pebbled leather owners!!! How easy is the care for this bag????

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  1. I have a Penelope black pebbled leather hippie and it is very durable and super easy to care for.
  2. going to order this now!!!! Thank you SO much!!!! I was so afraid to use anything on pebbled leather for fear that the "pebbling" would disappear!!!!
  3. GREAT!!!! I need a bag that has NO care required and that I dont have to be so careful with!!!! Thank you!

    Thank you!

    Hmmmm....this is what I feared....that the "pebbling" would turn smooth....

    Thank you! I could use a workhorse bag!!!! :smile:

    Thank you!!!!
  4. If you have a local Burlington Coat Factory, you might want to try them because they sell it cheaper than anyone else. If not, then
  5. Thank you! I tried my local Burlington tonight and they didnt have it.....I am going to try another one tomorrow and then place my order. Thanks SO much!!!!
  6. I have a mmf Hamptons hobo in pebbled leather (white with black trim) and it looks as good as the day I bought it (minus the bite mark in the hang tag thanks to my son who was almost 3 at the time). I have not treated it and I don't baby my bags at all. This was the bag that was covered (and I mean covered in lipstick, again thanks to my darling son) It clean up perfectly with dish soap and a rag, not a trace of lipstick in any of the pebbles or stiches. I was kind of worried while I was scrubbing it that the leather would lose it pebbles but it didn't at all. Pebbled leather is great and very durable.
  7. OMG this is the BEST story I have EVER heard!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the white leather with black trim!!!! I am thinking of buying a 2nd carryall (I bought the sand color) in this color scheme!!!!!! Can you post a pic???!!!!!
  8. I have two pebbled leather bags and don't do a thing to them. They are incredibly tough.
  9. Thanks!!!! This is such GREAT news and I am so glad I asked this question!!!! What color are your pebbled bags? I was a bit concerned because of the sand color being so light, but then we heard the lipstick story which was GREAT for me to hear being that I am sooooo OCD with my bags and I felt MUCH better!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I have been thinking of your story all night and wanted to say thank you again for sharing this with us!!!! What kind of dish soap did you use to clean it because I want to have it in my kitchen cabinet "just in case"!!!! TIA!!!!:smile:
  11. I am glad you enjoyed my story, when my little guy lipsticked my purse it was very new and my very first Coach. I herd my husband say "Quinn your mom is not going to be to happy with you...". I was like Ok what has he done now (he is my energetic one of the bunch, and tends to get into a lot of things he shouldn't) when I saw it I almost died! my son said "Mommmmmy, your purse was just boring, I fix it for you...". In my head I was thinking I was going to kill him, so I calmly told him (while talking in that Mom talk by not breathing or moving my mouth) that he had to leave my sight NOW. I started cleaning it and all was forgotten and forgiven. I was sure that the bag was a right off because of the pebbles and the cheap lipstick artwork that was all over 85-90% of the purse (did I mention it was COVERED!!!). But with very little effort on my part it was as good as new!
    As for the dish soap it could of been anything, I have no brand loyalty when it comes to dish soap, whatever is on sale works for me. It could of been Dawn, Palmolive or some lemon store brand, I tend to get around when it comes to grease fighting action.
    As far as posting a picture of it, give me a couple of days, I have to find my camera (we are doing renos in our house and everything is upside down at my house).
  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE this story!!!!! and I love what your son said to you!!!! I am glad you were able to clean it and it is good to know that WHITE pebbled leather came totally clean! You have no idea how happy your story made me!!!!
    Cant wait to see your pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I always suggest a cleaning dish soap minus any "Oxy" agent as it can take more of the dye out of the leather.
  14. Mine are berry (deep purple) and green (medium green, my current profile pic).
  15. thanks, Bunny! Dawn is good then, right? I picked up a bottle today!!!!