Pebbled Leather Question

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  1. I have a pink pebbled leather purse. I know you cannot use the Coach products on it. My question is can you treat it? I treated my suede bottom on my duffle with Wilson's Suede and Leather protector and that helped tremendously with keeping it cleaner. I read the can 3x and it only mentions usable on all leather and suede and all colors...nothing about just smooth leathers. So is it okay to treat my pebbled leather?

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    I got a couple of pebble leather purse and was wondering the same thing?
  3. It's my understanding that pebbled leather isn't supposed to be treated with anything and, if it is, the leather could lose the pebbled texture. I have a couple pebbled leather bags and accessories and I've only ever wiped them with a damp cloth.

    Hopefully someone else will be able to add more to this. I've never attempted anything else because I've read that you can really damage the leather.
  4. This is what I've always heard as well. I've only used a damp cloth.
  5. You can wipe them down, or if you're really careful you can use the conditioner in most cases to remove scratches. For corrected grain bags, or any type of manipulated pebble bags, the conditioner can collapse the grain in some cases. I've used it occasionally though, on a couple of bags to remove scratches, and it was ok. But try a tiny place first, and somewhere that's not noticeable. I will tell you that if anything does happen, and you collapse the grain or ruin it any way, you VOID Coach warranty. So proceed with caution.

    I always use either Apple or Shining Monkey spray, and both work well on all types of leather. The spray will help seal the dye a bit, make stains a bit easier to remove, and also prevent fading. These two brands don't darken the leather like some sprays like Sctochgard can. At least I've never had a problem with them. I don't know about Wilsons, but make sure everything you use is wax, silicone- free. Shining Monkey probably dries faster than Apple, but stinks. I've been using Apple as of late just because I ran out of Shining Monkey, and when I went to order it, it was all sold out.
  6. I have used Wilson's leather protector spray (in the can) on all my bags (including a few pebbled leather ones) and never had it change the leather at all - it is a great product IMHO. I would not risk conditioning pebbled leather with anything, but Wilson's to protect it I think would work great.
  7. Thanks for the information ladies... I got my Pebble Leather Ergo Tote in medium soaking wet in the rain this morning and than I saw this thread.

    The good news is my Ergo seems to have dried up without any issues.
  8. I just use the Appleguard spray on the bags where the conditioner can't be used and I don't use any of the Coach leather products anymore -only Apple.
  9. A pebbled leather (brown) Chelsea was my first ever Coach purchase. I have pen marks on the inside flap of mine :crybaby:. I want to sell it someday but am too scared because I don't know if I'll be able to get those pen marks out. :sad:
  10. Seems like I read on tPF once that it's okay to get pebbled leather wet in the rain. That they soak it in water with chemicals, anyway, to achieve the pebbling. You just cannot use any products on it.
  11. I know this is old, but I want to post my experience to warn anyone who comes across this. I recently got a Coach Rogue 25 with pebbled leather. I am new to the world of purses, and was so excited to get this bag. I wanted to take care of it and keep it in good condition, so I treated it with Apple Garde Rain & Stain repellent, after reading so many positive reviews. Long story short, it collapsed the pebbles on the back and bottom of the bag. You can still see the creases from the pebbling, but they have smoothed. And the whole bag now has a plastic/Teflon feeling to it. The bag still looks great, but the luxurious feel of the leather that I loved so much is gone. I have even considered giving it away and getting a replacement on Ebay. I will never use the Apple Garde again - it is very toxic and I live in SoCal where it hardly rains. Don't know what I was thinking. I am going to use the bag and try to love it. The good thing is that now I don't have to worry about ruining it and can take it anywhere. I have even thought about painting a design on it and really having fun with it, but I don't know that paints would take to the leather now that it is treated.
  12. Wow good to know! Thanks for sharing- I haven't treated any of my bags but I was considering it :shocked:
  13. Would you post a photo? I have treated all types of leather with Apple Rain and Stain and never had the a problem with it. I have also conditioned all types of leathers without problem. But I've always been careful and never over saturated them. I'm not sure if that's why I've never had a problem or if I've just been lucky. I think I'll back off lightly conditioning and protecting pebbled now.
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    Sorry - just seeing this. It is hard to capture in photos, but I have tried. I am posting pictures of the front side, where the pebbling has not been damaged, followed the back side, where the pebbling has considerably smoothed out so that you can see the difference.
    Here the is the front (undamaged) full view: front side.jpg and here is the back (damaged) full view: back side.jpg Here is the front (undamaged) detail: front close.jpg and here is the back (damaged) detail: back close.jpg Here is the front (undamaged) close up: front detail.jpg and here is the back (damaged) close up: back detail.jpg Both sides were originally the same. As you can see, the bag still looks nice - the back side still shows the creases where the pebbling was - but it has sort of collapsed. I don't know if you can see in the photos. And the whole bag has a more plastic-y feel to the leather that I personally don't like. But the good thing is that I can take the bag anywhere now without stressing about it, and I am really the only one that will notice this. But I would not use this product ever again - at least not on pebbled leather.
  15. Yes, I can see where you're talking about it being 'flattened', but only because you pointed it out. Like you said, it's only noticeable to you, I don't think anyone else would notice it. I have to agree with you about it being stressful owning a new, expensive bag......especially one of a lighter color. That's why I don't mind buying a 'like new' bag, it takes all the worry away. I have bought a couple of higher end bags new, but they are non-embellished black totes. Once I determined they were a good size for me I was able to use them without worry because of them being just plain black totes.
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