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  1. Tano Expert,
    I fell in love with the Vixen Van Go Go a little too late. Any chance of it coming back soon? Thanks very much!
  2. Im right there with ya... but no, so far there is no sign of a re-issue. I do ask them often, though... (sigh!)
  3. :crybaby: I hate when that happens. Oh well, fingers crossed for the future.

    Thanks so much for your quick reply!
  4. Tano Expert, This is not a question but a comment.
    Since Tano is most likely raising their prices due to production
    cost increases I really think that a dustbag should be standard issue for
    Tano Bags purchased across the board. If I am paying in the
    $200 or more for a bag and in Tano's case more I expect a dustbag
    whether the bag comes from Must Have Bag, Bergdorf's, Neiman Marcus,
    Piper Lime or Bag in Soho. It just does not seem right that Tano does
    not offer a dustbag to all of their retailers. All designers in this price
    range send dustbags with their handbags. Heck, I just purchased a B. Makowsky bag for $165 and it came with a dustbag. I would appreciate
    it if you would pass this suggestion on to Tano as I don't think the way
    they handle this to be fair to consumers who buy their products.

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    sorry TE :smile: No offense, like I keep saying, I am new and learning the ropes!
  6. Hi Tano expert, I was just wondering if the pomegranate crunch color is same on all the styles? I'm just asking this coz I see different shades in different sites. Is the actual color a deep red, or is it more of a bright orangey red?
  7. No problem W'sM!!!!
  8. Hi TE,

    Do you know if they're able to source the same leather colors each year? I just think that the grape and truffle are so gorgeous and popular that it would be nice to see these colors for more than one season. Thanks!
  9. Nothin' I can do about that, LC.... email your suggestion to Tano, if you like!
  10. Hi TE!
    I was wondering if you know what leather my Anney Fresh in bronze is? Is it the diva leather? Thanks! (sorry for the blurry pic)

  11. ^^

    Looks like diva leather to me. I have the Goldie Shocks in the exact leather and it's diva leather.

    TE, what is teh official color of this Gerard Bag? I don't think it's dandelion as stated in the description. Thanks!
  12. (I feel like I am going up to the wizard of Oz...)

    Oh great and knowledgeable TE! Do you yet know if the blue spring color will come with brown trim? *curtsies*:cutesy:
  13. Tano is able to, but they usually choose to change their colors season after season. Sometimes they will be sneaky and use the same color (or nearly the same) two seasons in a row and give it a different name.

  14. Honestly I dont know what the color combos will be in Spring yet. Brown- black- matching- ????
  15. The pomegranate is the same on all the crunch leather, its a true red with blue tones, not orangey or earthy at all...
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