Aside from Hermes

  1. wait, wait, before you call me blasphemous, I am not suggesting that anything is more important than Hermes...:rolleyes:
    aside from Hermes, what else do you wish you had?

    I was thinking about it and it is possibly just because I am so focussed on the Kelly now (and for the next couple of years:Push:smile: but there is nothing else I want/crave/am obsessed with/feel mildly incomplete (only on a superficial level of course) without. I'm very content with everything else.

    How about you?
  2. I want to buy a house in South Hamptons, it has to have a private dock and a plane dock. Is this asking for too much,... when the kids are grown and outta the house this will be our move.
  3. plane dock as in water plane? as in fantasy island?
    will this be a second home or a primary home?
    not too much to ask i think. the setting goes very well with hermes - i am imagining the photo spread as i type.
  4. Hmm... I am currently obsessed with finding a more fulfilling job. I am going to leave my current position at the end of October but I have no new job to go to yet. I would love to own my own business.

    Edit to say, if you mean some material item, I am also currently obsessed with finding a bag just like the one Grace Kelly carried in Dial M for Murder.
  5. ...hmmm, something from the Cartier orchid line would be nice... :smile:
  6. Yes, as in fantasy island. We always wanted to buy a house in SH as a second home, mostly for Spring/Summer. The kids would hate it, they hate going to the Hamptons.
  7. I don't know....I have a pretty darn good life. DH who is the love of my life (still!), pretty darn good teen (except for those minor infractions like, oh the tattoo she didn't tell me she got and some other fun stuff....), nice house, closet full of H bags and more on the way, my health is hanging in there (albeit a couple of wrinkles and some stomach flab), we own our own business which has been fairly successful, travel to my favorite place on the planet every year- Italy...what more is there? I've been blessed. Truly.......

    .........and if I can have a pretty swanky apartment with high ceilings and a view of Central Park as a second home? Well I'd be pretty dang happy, Santa!!!!
  8. Hmmm...I would admit to a bit of a handbag obsession...

    Used to be shoes...but now it is handbags...

    And travel...I love to DH and I had a couple of glasses of wine last night and started playing on the 8:30 pm we had booked tickets to Madrid and London for Thanksgiving week...a few years ago it was one international pleasure trip every other year...then every year...this year I will have three...what's a girl to do when she has been to 48 states??? So, last Christmas...Europe...May, Europe again (different countries)...July, China...this fall, Madrid and London... January 07, Thailand... travel obsession is probably as serious as my bag "issue"...aside from that, I am a quite healthy individual...
  9. ^^ lol, there you go shopmom, i knew you had it in you!

    bagg, the kids might hate it, but their friends would love it and then the kids would love it too. tell them, ":censor: and enjoy the damn summer home!"
  10. To be real honest, i wish I'm happy ... If I'm happy, then i don't need anything else ...

    Materialistically speaking, it would be the bags on my H list. But if we're exclusing the H list, then probably LOTS OF MONEY in my bank account or a job that pays 20K more than this current one would be what I'd like right now:yes:
  11. are you gonna be my neighbor shopmomma!
  12. shopmomma - oh we have to keep that!
    ooo, greentea, nice!
    dianagrace, i meant exactly what was on the top of your list and you answered it. you're very brave for setting out on that path. very best of luck to you!
  13. for me at this moment, the only thing missing in my life are kids. yes, screaming ones and all. to all u hot hermes mamas out there, u gals are very lucky!! i would love to push a (burberry!) stroller one day down madison avenue with either my birkin or kelly. i have dreams of this. LOL
  14. Hmm... material-wise, I only dream of Kelly right now... otherwise, a nice teaching job next fall would be lovely!
  15. I fulfill most of my material desires, but maybe a great guy to get me a great diamond. Our Hermes in Chicago is right across from the Graff store and it has amazing jewels!