Ashley Graham - "plus sized" Sports Illustrated cover

  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1455463267.205564.jpg i think she looks amazing but will there be negative backlash?
  2. She's gorgeous
  3. I can't stand that she's called plus sized.
  4. Op, if that is you in the avi, you both look similar.:smile:
  5. +1
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  6. I have already seen insulting comments from men on Twitter.

    I think she looks brilliant.
  7. Beautiful lady. She looks perfect.
  8. She's gorgeous!!
  9. She a size 16, which is considered plus sized. She looks beautiful!
  10. Hot hot hot!!
    And I love her attitude - she owns her hotness.
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  11. That's not the best picture of her.
  12. It's just too gimmicky for me. She's just as photoshopped and changed body-wise as they do with "regular" models and that dilutes the message entirely in my eyes.
  13. ^^ I agree with both of the above. Not a good cover. Bored face and too much photoshop.
  14. 3 of them "won" the cover. I like that there's 3 different types represented.
  15. Saw her on Good Morning America and she is just stunning