Article in local newspaper re: fake bags

  1. Cool, thanks! I'll check it out now.
  2. Great article, thanks for posting the link!
  3. Very informative-thanks!
  4. Great article! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Thanks for posting the article; it's a great read.
  6. Thanks for the article. I don't like fakes and I think there's nothing less classy than carrying a fake bag hoping that people will think its real. It's so much better carrying a no-brand non-designer cheap bag instead.
  7. Thanks for the article. It was an informative read.
  8. Thank you for posting that. It cleared up a few things. :smile:
  9. Top 10 list of counterfeited goods:
    1. Microsoft
    2. Nike
    3. Adidas
    4. Burberry
    5. Louis Vuitton
    6. Sony
    7. Lacoste
    8. Reebok
    9. Viagra
    10. Benson & Hedges

    LOL Viagra??
  10. ^^yeah, i saw a program (dateline i believe) where fake medicine is big business. i mean, a fake designer bag is tacky, but counterfeit MEDICINE? that gave me the shivers.
  11. I saw that, too! That totally freaked me out!!! :shocked:
  12. I'm surprised at the cigarettes!
  13. helpful thanx
  14. This is SO scary. And we all know that it is not that easy to discern the fakes as they make it out to be. Some of the fakes coming out now are really, really close! I am only buying high end bags from places like BG or Barneys or the actual retailer (i.e., Balenciaga New York). Anything else is too risky!