ARGHHH i hate stupid mean people! :(

  1. Pardon the awful post, doing it quickly before the bf gets out the shower hehe i promised him no purseblog this week (our anni) but i just hadddd to share this with my sisters from different misters!! :p

    So i went to the outlets at Cabazon and I walked into Etro...a SA came up to me and started chitchatting and then he was like :wtf: "you have coach bags???? You know thats like saying a curse word in here right?"

    I kid you NOT! He said "like a curse word"!!! :yucky:

    I was so weirded out and confused...then he looked at my bags and he was like ick what did you get there, and im like ummm a couple of bags as gifts...and hes like oh thank god you didnt buy yourself anything! Let me guess the Gucci, Dior and Dolce and Gabbana bags are gifts for yourself :graucho: (thats what his face actually looked like! a evil crazy grin!!)...I was like actually yes i bought those for myself and i bought myself some scarfs from coach, i love them.

    Next he said this....Oh well its just a scarf i mean those are pretty much disposable, who cares!!!

  2. He's an idiot!
  3. some people just don't know when to keep their mouths shut. gosh, he was VERY opinionated huh? and it didn't occur to him that he was talking to the wrong person either.
  4. I hate snobs. They piss me off SO much, that I'd go so far as to write a letter to the manager of the store, the customer service department at Etro, as well as the CEO or any other name I could find. I'd ask him if this elitist, snobby attidue is something they train their SA's to have? I'd go on to say that I was completely offended, won't shop there again, AND you're going to tell everyone that will listen to stay away.
    While it's kind of harsh it may get the point acrosss that SA's need to be nicer/less snobby/full of themselves.

    Ok end of my rant :smile:
  5. that's funny because he reminds me of my coach SA!! although he's open to other designers & big into fashion, i can totally hear justin sounding like that.
  6. SNOBS = disgusting
  7. When I come across people like that, I get very angry and annoyed but then remind myself that these people are destined to have very lonely, shallow lives if they equate money with a person's true value. He will only have the company of others like himself.

    No thanks.
  8. I find that SA incredibly tacky, and I'm extremely surprised he still has a job. SMH. And I considered Etro to be one of my favorite brands.
  9. :shrugs: LOL... I must be really mean - because the first thing that would have popped out of my mouth would have been, " You realize you work at an OUTLET store, right?"....

    I shop at outlets, I love outlets, don't get me wrong folks!! My point to a person like that would have been - how can you get on your sassy horse about a "brand being inferior", when you're peddling discounted goods?? Good grief!!
  10. :wtf: :yucky: That is incredible rude!!! He should be fired!
  11. I think I'd have to report that. That's just rude and inappropriate. No class.
  12. Not to worry my dear he has serious personal issues. What a fool!
  13. I was thinking THE EXACT SAME THING. LMAO. So no, you're not mean.

    What a chump. I mean, seriously. I'd be SO ANGRY. Call their headquarters and report it. Bet they'll send you gifts or something. LOL.
  14. he probably can't even afford any of the higher end stuff, so he makes fun of names like Coach because he is trying to make himself appear like he's better than he really is. i hate people like that. unfortunately there's a lot of them out there.

    i've never been able to understand why people have to talk s**t like that. i mean- WHY?! i don't care if you have payless or prada why do people have to be such idiots?

    sigh. the world makes me sad sometimes.
  15. what a jerk