are you embarrased

  1. hey do any of you lie to your friends about how much your bag costs because they will look at you funny
  2. sometimes..especially to friends that dont spend $$$ on handbags. to one of my close friend who is very much like me, i disclose the full amount, to others i just said..'yeah i spent quite a bit'
  3. this is a good question. i am often times, i usuallu try and change the subject or i even have lied bc i just dont want to get involved..but even my lie price is too much and usually i say $300:shrugs:
  4. This is so funny! At first I did, but over the years I have realized that everyone spends their money differently and all of my girlfriends and I are very different from each other, but very accepting of each others quirks. I hid truley who I was for a long time out of paranoia that my friends would think that I was a 'snot', but then I had an epiphany. Everyone can be snobby about something. Even if it is something totally different from what I would be snobby about. For example, my younger sister is a total snot about what brand of feed she buys her horse and spends plenty of money on what I would consider "icky" or "tacky" things, but everyone has different taste. It took me a long time to realize that my dearest friends truley love me for me, the insane, neurotic, fashion obsessed person that I am. I even lied for years not telling a soul that I had a housekeeper (I grew up extremely poor on the Mexican border of Arizona) because I felt like I had turned my back on how I was raised, only to find out just this year that my best friend has a house keeper too. Don't get too excited about this people, the cleaner only comes once every other week.

    Anyway, sorry for the monologue. Bottom line is this: It is rude for people to ask how much money you spend, rude for them to care, YOU be YOu and everyone else can suck eggs.
  5. I was at one of my husbands work events and another wife who knows I work in fashion asked me how much I thought was too much to pay for a handbag. So I was completely honest with her and told her that a Birkin was pretty much my limit but that's a once in a lifetime type purchase, as normal day to day bags go I start to cringe at about $1500. She got sort of quiet and I said "how much do you think is too much?" and she said "I was going to say $50." I nearly crawled under the table and died right there.
  6. I don't really discuss my bags with my friends because most of my friends aren't into designer bags. If they ask I will say "too much." Most of my friends are completely clueless of Balenciaga and probably wonder why I am carrying these tassle bags around. I have one friend I discuss prices with because she is into designer bags. She is starting to get in to Balenciaga which is exciting.
  7. I dont think it should really worry people what you spend your money on (in an ideal world), because its yours in an ideal world, but people can react at times (eg - my sister).

    Echoing what Shasta said: I may spend my money on bal bags but someone else may be a DVD addict, buy the newest surround stereo system or do up their car etc etc and none of those things come cheap!

    Personally, I can probably justify spending 1 K on a bag rather than the latest stereo... but thats just me.

    However, I do like to keep the price of my things to myself, as I got them for me to enjoy.

    I would never walk into someones house and ask them how much they paid for items in the house or the house itself... so I think the same should apply to personal belongings.

    Of course, it's different when it comes to close friends who you share a mutual understanding and appreciation for - but I wouldnt have the b*lls to ask a stranger/aquaintance the cost of something, because it's not an issue to me, and I can admire a bag/house/hat/whatever without needing to know the price tag thats attached.
  8. No
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    That is such a GREAT story haha!! Alot of my friends are bigger spenders than I am when it comes to bags so they are not really suprised when it comes to prices.
  10. My friends have never asked me...Most of them are not into fashion and have probably never even heard of Balenciaga. If they did ask, I don't think I would be embarrassed or lie about it. I'm sure they would think it's ridiculous to spend so much on a handbag, but it's my money and I can choose to spend it however I want :yes:
  11. I agree with the poster that mentioned how each individual prefers to spend his/her money. One of my male friends, who is very close to me, asked about the price of one of my handbags and I had no qualms in telling him. He thought it was outrageous to "waste that amount on a bag", yet his girlfriend routinely gambles and loses 1500 at the casino. My bags are my "casino", at least I have something to show for the money LOL
  12. I don't tell anyone, not because I am embarrassed but because they will not understand. Absolutely no one in my life cares about designer handbags. No one ever asks me how much I spend, but they all know that I don't carry cheap bags.
  13. so funny, i just mentioned in another thread that my friends would commit me if they knew what I spent on bbags. I don't know anyone who spends this much on bags. And I wouldn't tell them. Even though everyone spends on different things, there are a few friends I have that really don't have the discretionary funds that I do. So I would just rather enjoy the bags and keep my secret to myself.
  14. I don't say anything, and fortunately most of my friends don't really know. I don't think anyone would ever ask how much any of them were. I did have one friend at work look at one of my Bals and say, "That's pricey," which I felt pretty awkward about. I found myself making excuses "Oh, it's a discontinued style... (the Purse)" But other than that, I haven't been embarrassed at all.
  15. My friends never asked how much i spent on my bags. My coworkers never asked my bag spending either. I only discuss price of my bags with friends with same interest. Other than that...who cares what they think!