Are you a collector?

  1. I have been enjoying seeing everyones Coach collections - but have noticed an amusing trend. In the pictures of several glorious collections many of the items still have tags. Weeks go by and gals are still pondering whether they are going to keep this or send back that, or exchange this one. Many of these lonely purses are cherished so much that they never see the light of day other than to be lined up and photographed beautifully for admirerers to oh and ah over.

    So what is your purse loving style?
  2. Once I purchase it and bring it home, it's mine!
  3. I don't usually carry my new bags right away. I usually wait about 3-4 weeks. Sometimes the season isn't right and other times I want to make sure that I really, really want to keep the bag.
  4. I eventually carry all of the bags that I buy.
  5. it's funny, I usually don't like to carry my new ones because they aren't perfect anymore (I know, I'm weird). I almost love to find very gently used purses on eBay because they're just 'broken in' and then I don't worry so much. I know it's weird.....
  6. I can't wait to carry my new bag , I plan a whole outft around it , I normalling plan a bag purchase and then I plan the outfit aroound it
  7. I plan out outfits too!! I love to carry all my bags as long as it's in season. I have an all white bag I'm dying to carry, but I have to wait for Spring. The weather here will destroy that poor bag!! I try to mix it up and plan out ways to wear my bags. (i don't want them to get lonely!! hee hee:p
  8. I wear all my new bags, and try to use the accessories right away too! I just get too excited for them to sit in the closet
  9. I am an AVID Coach collector, but I do sell on eBay (under a diff. ID) as well.
  10. I have carried just about every bag I purchased at least once, discovered I did not like the functionality or "delicateness", sold those. It was a long arduous Coach road. I have about 9/10 great bags plus useable accessories. I fortunately, can say I don't see anything I need, more importantly "want." I guess I was never really a collector, maybe hunter/gatherer!
  11. I can appreciate that! We tend to be too anxious about the wellbeing of our bags. Coach says these bags were meant to last a lifetime! We just don't want them to get old and wrinkled like us! :yucky:
  12. thanks! glad to know i'm not too crazy! plus, I tend to like older bags that you don't see much anymore. my all time fav is my signature patchwork gallery tote from holiday 2004 (pink and green and white and black with mahogany patent straps). the sa's go nuts when I walk in with it because you never see it anymore (only the outlet version). I love that bag so much I only carry it every once in a while so it doesn't get ruined
  13. Yes, this is my thinking as well. The only times I cut off the tags and wear right away is if it's something I know I'll keep.
  14. I rarely wear a purse right away. As a matter of fact I have three or four bags I've never carried. Mainly out of season and colorful bags.
  15. I plan my outfits around them but I will love to start a collection like some that I have seen here!! Love what everbody has done, so far. Looking for an ergo!!!