Are these CL Simple Pumps? I snoozed & lost

  1. Late last night I had 37 and 37.5 in my cart.
    This morning, of course, the 37's were gone:crybaby:

    Is this the Simple Pump?
    How does in run in size compared to Miss Cool
    & Yoyo Zeppas? Decolettes?
    I wear 37 in one & 37.5 in the other.

    TIA :heart:
    redcl.jpg redcl2.jpg
  2. I have the exact same thing with a shorter heel in black in size 36. I wear a 37 in activas, 37 in decollete zeppa and 868s, and I wear a 36.5 in Yoyo Pumps. Very comfortable and I love them. When I got the 36 they seemed really small but they stretched out a bit so they fit perfectly
  3. I love the simple pump. And the red patent looks amazing!
  4. thank you ladies! :p
    So, they are Simple Pumps?
    Barney's doesn't give them a style name.

    I think I probably need the 37 then, but since I lost them
    I went ahead and ordered the 37.5.
    Boo Hoo, :crybaby:what was I thinking last night?
    I was tired I guess.

    Maybe I'll get a small 37.5 :roflmfao:
  5. Yes they are the simple pumps. I bought my black pair from Barneys back in June. The SAME thing happened to me when I waited a little bit to buy my Chloe bag-it was snatched out of my cart! It's so frustrating!

    Let me warn you, the simple pumps run very very true to size. So make sure you buy your actual size otherwise they won't fit.
  6. My simple pumps also run true to size. Good luck...they are so beautiful!!
  7. Aww the simple pumps! I want them in camel.
  8. The shoes are so pretty!!!!
  9. I know Ash! I wanted to see them IRL first and now, just like the original poster's situation they are gone in my size 37. I thought about getting the 37.5 and using an insert but, I am now getting a python pair instead! :yahoo:I still do want them in a camel or nude.
  10. You will find them somewhere. Post the python when you get them! :smile:
  11. Ooo.. these are just the style I'm looking at getting next week ! :graucho:
  12. I know they aren't the simples, but I think I saw a pair of red patent decolletes on Bluefly this AM!
  13. That red pair seem to pop up occassionally. I think they're a size 6.5 or 5.5 or something really teeny.

    There was a pair of decollete zeppa in black that I missed on there. No idea when it showed up as I stalk Bluefly for CL deals, but by the time I saw it, it was gone. It was a size 39 also, which would have fit me for $272!! :crybaby: