Are there TWO different Almond leathers??? I think so!

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  1. Okay, so maybe call me crazy again... LOL, but me thinks there are definitely TWO different Almond leathers. I owned a Almond studded devote for a day (too heavy and not in love with the leather) and now own an Almond MAB and not only are the textures completely different, the color is different too! The Almond Stud Devote was smooth, shiny, more rigid and more orangey and my new Almond MAB is a complete puddle of smooshiness, matte, pebbled and more of a true tan, no orange here. Strange!

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  2. Interesting...:thinking:
  3. I felt the same way about the Almond Stud I had vs. the Almond mini mini. They were two totally different leathers IMO.
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    I have a Almond stud nikki and it is definitely the leather from the first pic. It's relatively smooth, shiny and definitely has an orange tinge. But I wouldn't call it rigid. It completely falls apart when I put it down.

    But yes, I argee that there are multiple almonds. My theory is the studded bags have a different leather than the regular Almond bags. I have seen an Almond mini mini on TPF that looked nothing like my leather.
  5. Hmmm... yeah, maybe they had to use a different stronger/thicker leather for the stud bags? That might explain it. :thinking: I didn't mean Almond stud was a rigid bag (like a patent), just much more rigid than my new almond mab. It was a much thicker leather.
  6. I think there was a thread on this, let me find it. But yes there are two versions/variations in almond. One is smooth, and slightly glossed, and the other is matte and pebbled.
  7. Hmmmm, the almond stud nikki I had was matte, smoothly pebbled and sooo very soft and fell apart too. The thing that intrigues me is the color differences. indy, your MAB looks so much browner than the orangey almond nikki...
  8. My almond stud nikki was like the devote smooth slightly pebbled but completely smooshy!! I love the mab color and it's hte color I was after!
  9. i agree. the almond roadie that i checked out at nordies had the glazed leather, while my almond mamm has the matte pebbled leather.
  10. i agree, the studs are heavy and would weigh down the leather. they probably just used a sturdier leather?
  11. Maybe it depends on what style you have?
  12. Your almond MAB's texture, (matte, soft and pebbled), is exactly like the Almond mini mini I have, but mine has an orangey twang to it!
  13. My almond MAM is matte and chewy looking too. It looks more brown than orange. I adore it!
  14. It's not surprising to hear that there are leather variations. It's not uncommon. In the past there was a discovery of two different mink leathers, one being super smooshy and the other being notoriously stiff.
  15. hmm i wonder if the Almond Nikki's have the matte pebbley leather :thinking: