Are the gigi totes (clay in particular) naturally

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  1. scratched up, due to the vintage leather? Is that that how it comes to you when you buy it new? Do the scratches rub off?
  2. I bought a used (even though the seller said it was new) clay Gigi on eBay and it did come to me looking pretty beat up. I've heard that many stores (such as the outlets, Nordstrom, and Macy's) had clay Gigis that looked the same way. I think it adds to the vintage feel, and I get tons of complements on my bag despite all the scratches, so I think it just comes with the territory of the color of the bag. HTH!
  3. Thank you. I'm looking for either black or clay. the Clay gigis ive seen on ebay here and there, are scratched up and NWT. I like the vintage look but am kind of nervous to go for it!

    Do you LOVE it scratches and all?
  4. I can't stand excess scratches on the clay. I sure wish the clay didn't do that.
  5. Do you own one?
  6. I've got a clay gigi and it's got a few knocks but I love it and the gorgeous lining so much that makes up for it.
  7. Do you by chance have any pics of this. I don't own one, but I would love to see what it looks like so that if I come across it in the future I know!

    TIA, if you have any!
  8. No. I've been wanting something in clay and everytime I see a shoulder bag or gigi on ebay it has scratches or water drip marks or even yellowing. I guess we have to call this "normal" for the clay color and grin and bear it.:s
  9. Here's a picture of mine. :smile:

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  10. Yours doesn't look that beat up to me, looks good. The ones ive seen on ebay have been extremely scratched up looking.
    I want one!
  11. I bought mine NWT on ebay and it was scratchy when it arrived. But after owning it, I realized that if I breathe too heavily around it, it gets scratched. it scratches really easily, much more so than my other legacy leather bags. However, I still think it looks gorgeous, scratches and all!
  12. The more I use it, the more the scratches seem to be less noticeable - almost like a patina. I really love my Gigi.:love:
  13. I was going to say that looks like it's in pretty good condition! I can see how it is probably really easily scratched though!!!